DIOR PRESTIGE Exceptionnal micro-nutririve and regenerating ritual

Exclusively available at dior.com, discover the the exceptionnalmicro-Nutririve and Regenerating Ritual:

Dior Prestige - La Micro-Lotion de Rose
Balancing and Refining Micro-Nutritive Lotion, 150 ml
Enriched for the
rst time* in micronized oil, it infuses the skin with all the balancing power of Rose de Granville minerals, preventing it from drying. Its strikingly fresh texture, with millions of rose micro-droplets, drenches the skin with bene
cial hydration. Puri
ed and clari
ed, the skin appears refreshed, its texture re
* At Dior.

Dior Prestige - La Micro-Huile de Rose
Universal Regenerating Micro-Nutritive Concentrate, 50 ml
The universal texture of La Micro-Huile de Rose combines the nourishing power of an oil with the penetration of a serum to offer all skin types an essential daily boost. Appearing plumped from within, the skin is fully recharged and rebalanced, optimally prepared for all other Dior Prestige skincare.

Dior Prestige - Le Micro-Sérum de Rose Yeux
Illuminating Micro-Nutritive Eye Serum, 15 ml
This advanced recovery micro-nutritive serum recharges the eye contour with energy. Puf
ness and dark circles fade away, revealing visibly rested eyes beaming with freshness. The effectiveness of the
serum is complemented by the Multi-Roll Shaper tip, a technological marvel that boasts, for the
rst time at Dior, 10 massaging micro-beads with 360-degree rotation.