Oud Elixir précieux

Bottle 0.10 oz$300.00

The "Les Elixirs Precieux" is a collection of four luxurious fragrances inspired by the storied tradition of Dior perfumes. Each of the scents in the collection, Oud, Amber, Rose and Musc, is inspired by a precious raw material and housed in a luxurious glass flacon. These unique fragrances are designed to be paired with a fragrance from Dior’s Maison Chirstian Dior, the exquisite creations inspired by the heritage of the House of Dior.

François Demachy created daring combinations that reinvent the fragrances and celebrate the unexpected encounter of contrasting notes. The Élixir Précieux Oud brings an aura of mystery and a touch of opulence to the chypre harmony of Gris Dior.

Apply the oil in drops onto pulse points such as the neck, inside of the wrists and décolleté.

Highly concentrated, each Élixir Précieux boasts a rich composition of noble raw materials rigorously selected by François Demachy. "Oud" exalts the woody power of Agarwood essence.