Dior Prestige La micro-lotion de rose

5 oz$150.00

The 1st* Dior Prestige micro-nutritive lotion enriched with minerals and Rose de Granville oil for a sensation of intensely purified skin and lasting comfort. Brimming with micro-nutrients, skin is hydrated for 24 hours,** infinitely pure and fresh. La Micro-Lotion de Rose is the first step before La Micro-Huile de Rose for deeply balanced skin that seems as if clarified; perfectly prepared for the rest of this exceptional ritual.

* At Dior.
** Instrumental test on 11 volunteers.



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Kiesha L., Stockbridge, Ga

5 stars out of 5 stars
4 months ago

Amazing Dior Prestige!!

My skins texture is that if a baby, my pores are gone, the texture and scent of this product is exquisite. Thankyou Dior, I have some ailments, everytime I use this product it is an excellent boost to my health, forever grateful, Kiesha L.,.