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Dreamskin advanced - the next-generation iconic perfect skin creator - the refill

1.7 oz$128.00

Refill your favorite Dreamskin product in just a single step. Refill sold separately. Discover the new DREAMSKIN ADVANCED: DIOR'S ICONIC INSTANT SKIN PERFECTOR NOW IN A NEW ADVANCED FORMULA. Even more powerful, even greater instant correction, with boosted radiance and blurring effects. Acts on all signs of aging: Fights Wrinkles – Pores – Spots – Redness – Dull complexion BOOSTED FORMULA, ADVANCED PERFECTION. Dior has reinvented it's best selling, cult skincare product, Dreamskin. Now featuring breakthrough technology that works harder than ever to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tighten pores, and increase radiance, Dreamskin Advanced is effective at any age, and works on all skin types and tones. Instantly, this new formula infuses the skin with greater perfection, correction and comfort. A skin-perfecting veil visibly transforms the skin, diffusing a fresh glow. The skin's texture is refined. Spots and redness are minimized, and pores appear tightened. Day after day, skin is firmer, smoother and more even.

Refill sold separately.

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