DIOR AND KENNY SCHARF Double Chain Pendant Necklace Rose Gold and Silver-Finish Brass and White Crystals

Reference: N1509HOMMT_D450

The necklace is a part of the collaboration with artist Kenny Scharf. Its rose gold and silver-finish brass design features two detachable chains that allow the two magnetic DIOR AND KENNY SCHARF pendants to be worn together or separately. The necklace may be worn with other DIOR AND KENNY SCHARF creations.
  • DIOR AND KENNY SCHARF separable magnetic pendants
  • Hand-placed white crystal detailing
  • Rose gold and silver-finish brass
  • Detachable chain with double lobster hook clasp
  • 90% brass, 10% crystal
  • Made in Italy

© Kenny Scharf. Sous licence d’Artestar, New York.