Animated Feminity

For this collection, Maria Grazia Chiuri chose to call on five female illustrators from different countries to create five animated teasers to be posted on social media before the unveiling of the Dior fall-winter 2021-2022 women’s ready-to-wear collection. She asked this new generation of cartoonists to share their interpretation of femininity in the world of animation. Through their unique perspectives, this project reflects their own personal experiences while highlighting contemporary representations of women in society – visions that align with and underscore the commitment of the Creative Director.



    ©Francesca Valiani

    Teresa Cherubini was born in Italy and raised in the United States, where she studies at the New York School of Visual Arts. Her vocation for comics is expressed through her unmistakable drawing style, distinctive characters and dialogues.



      ©Maxime Cardol

      Aisha Madu is an illustrator specializing in animation. Of Dutch and Nigerian descent, she lives in Amsterdam and creates stories filled with the poetry of everyday life that are distinctive for their pure graphic lines, abundant humor and borderline absurdity.


      Animation by @Norikookaku, music: Valentina plays the Batterie Fragile. Improvisation n°2 Performed by Valentina Magaletti & Yves Chaudouët Composed by Valentina Magaletti Published by Mute Song Limited Used courtesy of Un Je-ne-sais-quoi"

        ©Yuto Kudo

        Noriko Okaku was born in Japan and works in London. She favors collage techniques, using materials of different origins to create extraordinary animations. Her poetic universe is mixed with a sense of mystery.


        Direction, story, screenplay, animation, storyboard, editing, color grading: Bárbara Cerro @barbaracerro__ Music: We got this by @ccatnapp Art, animation direction, animation, storyboard: Jésica Bianchi @jesicajba Script: Luz Orlando Brennan @luzobrennan + Animation: Agustina Rey @aelisa.rey, Camila Strusa @huffiestrikes, Agustina Ceballos @_matecocido_ Composit: Pablo Roldán @rudoplayer1 Graphic Design, animation: Paul Sende @paulsende Sound Design: Miren Begoña Cortázar @mirenbeg

          ©Agostina Valle Saggio ©Lorena Diaz - @estre.sadx

          Bárbara Cerro lives in Buenos Aires where she studied filmmaking at the University of Cinema and the UBA. Now she is a filmmaker and animation director, she has extensive experience in the field and was the director of short films and series including Gorda and Instrucciones para humanos which premiered at the world’s most prestigious festivals. Her stories are told through pure graphics.




            ©Charlotte Robin

            Marion Fayolle grew up in the Ardèche region of France and now lives in the nearby Drôme region. She has established herself in the world of French and international contemporary illustration as an artist and as the co-founder – with Matthias Malingrey and Simon Roussin – of Nyctalope, a comic book magazine. Her drawing focuses on bodies and human relationships. She is the author of eight bestselling books.