Poetry in Motion

For the unveiling of the autumn-winter 2021-2022 women’s ready-to-wear collection on social media – in accordance with current health guidelines – the choreographer Sharon Eyal in turn dialogues with Silvia Giambrone’s1 The Hall of Shadows and its captivating mirrors that seem ominous, capable striking the body and heart. This symbiosis with the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles was born of a desire to occupy and move through this unique, inspiring setting, revisited and transcended through the artists’ eyes.

Says Sharon Eyal: “My work with Maria Grazia is an ongoing process. It is based on a deep connection blending mystery and fragility, questions and dreams. It is precisely the movement between those extremes that attracts me, a movement that stands out through a stratified beauty in many layers that can therefore also become disturbing and oblique — not just soothing, but also food for thought. A beauty that comes from within and from experience.”

The dancers’ outfits are of extreme finesse, like a second skin seemingly grazed by the mirrors. Sharon Eyal’s costume combines tears and scratches with a tulle dress of infinite delicacy, adorned with flowers. “These flowers are both beautiful and sad, as if on the verge of fainting, as if they were bleeding,” adds Eyal. “They carry within them this idea of strange beauty: elegant and poetic, but at the same time fragile and strong.”

The choreographer is interested in the fairy-tale nature of things, this strange historical moment we’re experiencing resembles a tale suspended in time. Awareness blends with a dreamlike dimension. This atmosphere is infused with a feeling of uniqueness, a meeting of extremes, past and future, dreams and reality.

Art Installation by Silvia Giambrone