The autumn-winter 2021-2022 women’s ready-to-wear collection designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri is being unveiled in the heart of the Palace of Versailles1. An exceptional catwalk, punctuated by an exclusive installation by Silvia Giambrone and choreography by Sharon Eyal both created in situ. More than ever, this space celebrates contemporary culture in all its forms, its audacity, and its magnetic power, highlighting Silvia Giambrone's The Hall of Shadows2, an ode to inventiveness in a context where access to museums is limited.

Perpetuating this odyssey in the name of art, Silvia Giambrone created mirrors designed to conceal those of the iconic Hall of Mirrors. The works are framed in metal while the reflective part has been revisited in wax and strewn with thorns. Grace mingles with violence. A childhood memory; a tale that stirs the artist’s imagination: the moment when the protagonist, fascinated by a pointed spindle, is struck by an evil spell. 

    This unique installation invites women to shape and fill in their own identity, image, and consciousness, regardless of others’ opinions. In a dual movement of attraction and repulsion, the mirrors dialogue with Maria Grazia Chiuri’s project as Creative Director of Dior women’s collections, infused with a profoundly transformative means of interpreting femininity. 

    The mirror has a symbolic dimension: it represents a threshold, like the parallel world in Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, breaking with absolute appearances and opening up new perspectives.

    Making Of

    In strict compliance with current health measures, this audience-free show is being filmed and broadcast on and the House’s social media accounts.
    Art Installation by Silvia Giambrone.