The scenography

A fascinating personality, Anna Paparatti is the inspiration behind the entire Dior spring-summer 2022 collection with her sense of style and her powerful oeuvre. Decorating the walls, her work on games – notably through her pieces Il Gioco del Nonsense (The Game of Nonsense, 1964) and Jeu de l'absurde (The Game of the Absurd, 1965) – was the starting point for an exploration into where the playful dimension of games meets the necessary construction of self.

 On a runway in the shape of a huge circular board in vibrant colors – a pop Game of the Goose reinterpreted by the artist – the models move forward on each of the squares in a hypnotic choreography. This recreational journey is accompanied by the music of the duo Il Quadro di Troisi – namely Donato Dozzy and Eva Geist – joined for the occasion by musicians Pietro Micioni and Francesca Colombo. 

The Italo disco sounds create an entrancing atmosphere, where the deepest of black is enhanced by contrasting light and lively hues, echoing the silhouettes designed for Dior by Maria Grazia Chiuri.A striking vision that exalts the various possibilities of games, and opens the doors of the imagination in the name of absolute freedom.