Ready-to-wear Spring-Summer 2021 Show

Show online on September 29th at 8.30 am EST

Music by Lucia Ronchetti
"Sangu di rosa" performed by the ensemble Sequenza 9.3 conducted by Catherine Simonpietri

“In a context that favors the image, rediscovering the value of words can help creation, for the word, in its graphic form, is also a design*.”

For Maria Grazia Chiuri, each collection consists not only of conceiving a series of pieces designed to accommodate the body of the woman who wears them, but it also entails a reflection on societal transformations, or a reaction to current events, as Christian Dior described it in his autobiography.


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The Collection

The movie

  • Italian director Alina Marazzi, maker of documentaries that explore the female condition, has created a unique visual work for Dior. Images and words are intertwined and layered, creating a captivating hymn to the committed poetry of Lucia Marcucci and the art of sewing, in perpetual motion.

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  • Like a poetic collage of words, images and exceptional savoir-faire, the spring-summer 2021 ready-to-wear collection unfolds within a striking scenography inspired by the singular aesthetics and the visual poetry of Lucia Marcucci, a committed figure of the Italian avant-garde. A powerful celebration of the plurality of female voices. 

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An artistic dialogue

  • A magnetic show, at the crossroads of sound and visual and textual arts, the spring-summer 2021 ready-to-wear show is transcended by a performance of the Sequenza 9.3 ensemble, directed by Catherine Simonpietri. From the heart of this all-female choir rise the lyrics of Sangu di rosa by Lucia Ronchetti, from the Corsican Voceri tradition. A labyrinth of vibrant words and sounds. A sublime symbol of diversity. An ode to the emotion aroused by creativity and the arts in all their forms.


  • Adding the final touch to Maria Grazia Chiuri’s silhouettes, accessories render the inspirations of the collection sublime, like a bewitching tribute to the origins of fashion and to pluralistic creativity. Jewelry, shoes, hats, and bags become testimonies to every woman’s poetic expression.

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  • Capturing Maria Grazia Chiuri’s profound desire to go back to the fundamentals of couture, the spring-summer 2021 ready-to-wear collection celebrates the virtuoso art of cutting and assembling. A study in volume combines with an exploration of “chiné”, dialoguing with traditional Indonesian Ikat Endek* fabrics, whose exceptional technique involves dyeing the warp threads before they are woven. This ancestral women’s craft is an emblem of infinite cultural wealth. In transmitting this priceless heritage and its fascinating transformations across eras, exchanges and lifestyles, this collection simultaneously pays homage to the diversity of savoir-faire and the virtuosity of the petites mains that weave it. 

    *The official names of these fabrics are Wastra/Kain Endek. They are made by hand by weavers in Bali.

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