Maak kennis met Fahrenheit

  • Fahrenheit staat voor een nieuwe visie op mannelijkheid waarin de vrijheid van de man en de zoektocht naar zingeving centraal staan. In 2016 initieert Fahrenheit een nieuwe manier om naar de wereld te kijken, een nieuw moment waarin de wetten van de zwaartekracht worden uitgedaagd.


  • Revolutions produce legends. In 1988, an olfactory UFO landed in the masculine perfume universe and turned the world upside-down. Fahrenheit was born. The concept for this fragrance took root in New York City with two works by the Pop Art master James Rosenquist, Fahrenheit 1982 and Brighter than the Sun.

    Today, new images illustrate this reinvented world. A surrealist setting that extends beyond the limits of reality. The Fahrenheit hero remains immersed in the elements, but he now appears as the master of a reality of which the supreme beauty has been drastically altered.

  • When it was first created, Fahrenheit was a truly revolutionary fragrance. Today, this exceptionally modern fragrance is considered a turning point in perfumery. The unprecedented combination of refined violet with an intense woody/leathery accord makes it a legendary fragrance. Its note, the "Fût R", is truly unique. It appeared by chance and has become iconic. Legend has it that a perfume cask was forgotten in an open courtyard and, touched by the sun's rays, it began to give off an extraordinary, unexpected fragrance. Immediately recognized for its power and beauty, the "Fût R" note was analyzed and reproduced. THE ELEGANCE OF A COLOGNE, THE POWER OF FAHRENHEIT In 2016, François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator, transformed the emblematic Fahrenheit fragrance into a distinctive cologne under the influence of contradictory powers. Since he wished to capture its spirit above all else, he found a way to maintain its power while bring it a new, light touch. When you accept this easygoing fragrance invitation, you just might lose your sense of direction, question what was once obvious and reconsider your values.   "Fahrenheit Cologne possesses a new, more understated elegance. The composition plays on mastery and the alliance of contradictions." François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator