Musc Élixir Précieux Perfume oil - highly concentrated elixir

CHF 366.00

Musc Élixir Précieux blends Musks with evocative and enveloping notes. Highly concentrated, this exceptional perfume oil from La Collection Privée Christian Dior stands out by a composition of noble raw materials, rigorously selected by the House of Dior.

A few drops of the Musc Élixir Précieux perfume oil on pulse points – neck, wrists and décolleté – are enough to wear it alone. Create an unexpected and contrasted encounter by pairing it with the enveloping notes of a captivating sensual fragrance.

Choose the exceptional with this original* perfume extract, inspired by the heritage of the House of Dior and housed in a luxurious, expertly crafted glass bottle. Also experience the other creations featured in the Élixirs Précieux collection: Ambre, Rose and Oud.

* At Dior.


  • Inviting the blend of several scents and celebrating a thousand-year-old gesture, les élixirs préciéux La Collection Privée Christian Dior are enhanced by two intense signatures: Patchouli and Jasmine. These characterful fragrances enrich and facet the perfumes of this exceptional collection*, creating a unique ritual*, a personal imprint that can be modulated ad infinitum*.

    * At Dior.