Santal Noir Fragrance

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Santal Noir is a fragrance with a name that reflects the desire for an authentic olfactory composition, like raw wood. Sandalwood is combined with the black of Ambrette Seed, hence the name Santal Noir. A fragrance with a contrasting trail.

Santal Noir is the olfactory interpretation of effusion. A scent of contradictions, at once soft and dynamic, subtle and expressive.

The milky softness of Sandalwood is spiked with the fruity and musky notes of Ambrette.

The warm brown of Sandalwood and the black of Ambrette Seed, a chromatic pairing of both shadow and light.

Sensual and woody. Santal Noir gives a sensual quality to the precious woods of Maison Christian Dior. The Santal Noir fragrance derives its sensuality from the milky fullness that emerges from the Sandalwood, stirred by potent Ambrette and eloquent Turkish Rose.

Santal Noir is a powerful fragrance that becomes one with the skin, a captivating fragrance worn as a reflection of one's personality.