The first essential step in your face makeup routine, using a primer prepares the skin and evens out the complexion to facilitate the application of foundation and improve hold. As a final step, the makeup setting spray ensures an ideal finish and longer-lasting wear.
NEW: Discover the collection of Dior Forever face makeup products, now with additional primers and concealers, for a complexion that is more couture than ever.
EUR Y0233000 DIOR Y0233000 45.0 false Makeup Face Primers Dior Forever Perfect Fix no_gender no_review no_grade 1 regular
Dior Forever Perfect Fix
Face Mist - Makeup Setting Spray - Longwear & Instant Hydration
45,00 €
EUR Y0105000 DIOR Y0105000 41.0 false Makeup Face Primers Dior Backstage Face & Body Primer no_gender no_review no_grade 2 regular
Dior Backstage Face & Body Primer
Primer - Radiant Blurring and Plumping Effect - 24-Hour Hydration
41,00 €
EUR Y0422120 DIOR Y0422120 55.0 false SKINCARE The Collections Diorsnow Diorsnow no_gender no_review no_grade 3 regular
Brightening makeup base color correction spf35 - pa+++
55,00 €
EUR Y0997071 DIOR Y0997071 50.0 false Makeup Face Primers Dior Forever Glow Veil no_gender no_review no_grade 4 regular
Dior Forever Glow Veil
Radiance Primer - 24h Hydration - Concentrated in Floral Skincare and Hyaluronic Acid
50,00 €
EUR Y9300100 DIOR Y9300100 43.0 false SKINCARE The Collections Capture Dreamskin Capture Dreamskin no_gender no_review no_grade 5 regular
Capture Dreamskin
Dreamskin moist & perfect cushion spf 50 - pa+++ refill
43,00 €
EUR Y0997072 DIOR Y0997072 50.0 false Makeup Face Primers Dior Forever Velvet Veil no_gender no_review no_grade 6 regular
Dior Forever Velvet Veil
Clean Blurring Matte Primer - 24h Comfort and Matte Finish - Enriched with Floral Extracts
50,00 €