Drawing on 50 years of innovations in Floral Science and research into the skin's biological mechanisms, Dior enhances its outstanding expertise in high-tech skincare with Dior Micro-Peeling. 

Inspired by the emblematic Micro-Abrasion with Sapphire Crystals technique developed for the Dior Spa Instituts, this tool has become an exfoliation essential, a necessary step in the care and beauty of the skin.

 Carried out in our treatment booths, the Dior Micro-Peeling treatment delivers a moment of pampering, resulting in a true burst of radiance. In just 30 minutes, skin enjoys an incredible, optimized revitalization with Capture Totale or Dior Prestige products.

The Dior Micro-Peeling treatment begins with a personalized skin analysis, as well as makeup removal.

Depending on sensitivity, a cream may be applied in order to ensure maximum comfort for fragile and sensitive skin. Dior Micro-Peeling delivers threefold physical action through these expert techniques:

 1. Exfoliation of the surface of the epidermis to evenly smooth the skin.

2. Massage, thanks to the vibrating abrasive head that stimulates micro-circulation.

3. Tissue drainage using expert techniques.


This Dior High Technology is suitable for every skin type, every skin tone, every age, for both women and men.

 Scientifically measured, the results are remarkable.* Immediately, skin texture and pores appear refined, fine lines and wrinkles look minimized, the complexion becomes luminous as its radiance is revealed.

 *Clinical assessment by a dermatologist on 20 volunteers after using the Dior Micro-Peeling treatment in combination with the Capture Totale skincare ritual.

Exfoliated, cleansed and purified, the skin is like new. Thus revitalized, it is ready to receive Capture Totale or Dior Prestige skincare.

A quick beauty session completes this spectacular renewal.

 Refinement of skin texture


Complexion radiance




Fine lines



 An intensive treatment guarantees exceptional, progressive, long-lasting results on the skin’s radiance, tone and evenness. The contours appear redefined and reshaped to perfection, with no recovery time.

The Dior Well-Being Experts recommend one session per week for a month to maximize results.


  Created by and for the Dior Spa Wellness Experts, Professional Solutions with concentrated skincare ingredients are combined with precise techniques for enhanced results. They fit into any beauty routine, complementary to every Dior skincare product.