Summer 2024 Men’s Show

Online on June 23rd at 3.00 pm CEST

From New Look to New Wave

Dior is an haute couture house: it is all about the clothes. At the heart of Dior is silhouette, shape, technique and fabrication of the very highest order.



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From the New Look to New Wave, between past, present and future, the silhouettes dreamed up by Kim Jones for the Dior Summer 2024 défilé outline a new modernity, an elegance forever reinvented. From Monsieur Dior to Yves Saint Laurent, from Marc Bohan to Gianfranco Ferré, references to archives abound, resembling virtuoso iconographic collages.



At once discreet and omnipresent, the accessories in the Dior Summer 2024 men’s line oscillate between sobriety and extravagance, becoming the essential punctuation mark for every silhouette. Shoes are finished with reinterpreted Lady Dior charms, while bags, incorporating the collection’s fundamentals, are dressed up with a dash of audacity. The iconic Saddle is reconceived in an original fluorescent version, also available in a micro format.