Inspired by each and every collection, the Dior T-shirts rework the heritage of the Maison. 

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Internationally recognized as a wardrobe staple, Maria Grazia Chiuri elevates the quintessential T-shirt with superior quality and a distinctively Dior perspective. The Creative Director imagines a myriad of printed, embellished and embroidered designs that transform it into a luxury.

She is drawn to the ease and casual allure of the classic designer T-shirt and how it can be used as a blank canvas. She treats the wardrobe mainstay as an expressive piece that evokes the House's heritage alongside her feminist statements. Over the years, the Dior Women T-shirt has become emblematic of the House. Despite having a casual style by nature, it is an endlessly versatile piece that adapts to a variety of occasions.

Christian Dior and Maria Grazia Chiuri are alike in their appreciation of comfort paired with elegance. The Dior T-shirt allows women to choose both comfort and elegance, without compromise. The styles have been designed and redesigned with House codes, vintage logos, seasonal motifs, lucky emblems and feminist slogans.

The latter is of particular importance to Maria Grazia Chiuri, who strives to give women freedom of expression through her designs. The encouraging slogans uplift women, who she wants to see challenge what is expected of them, so they can all thrive. Each shirt makes a statement, giving women a platform to put their individuality on display.

One particular motif that appears season after season is 'J'Adior 8.' The number was a source of luck for Christian Dior. By using it in modern-day designs, Maria Grazia Chiuri pays loving tribute to the roots of the House. House T-shirts often feature a slouchy fit and have been crafted in a multitude of high-quality cottons, cotton blends, tulles, or fishnets with motifs such as the emblematic Toile de Jouy.

The Creative Director's T-shirt designs juxtapose relaxed style with luxury, for a high-low look that is a beautiful balance of contrast. The Dior T-shirt women have come to adore is a perennial style that transcends the seasons. It can pare back a mid-length skirt with pumps or complement the understated look of jeans and sandals. For Maria Grazia Chiuri, it brings an edgy twist to any outfit.