Les Jardins de la Couture

For the new High Jewellery collection, Les Jardins de la Couture, Victoire de Castellane has imagined an encounter between Christian Dior’s two most dearly cherished universes - Couture and Gardens.

As usual, throughout her work, Dior Jewellery’s Artistic Director draws from her past inspirations to give life to her new creations. Four new stories are being written for this collection, each one imagining a way in which Couture and Nature might meet: Buissons Couture, Galons Fleuris, Très Cher Dior and Mini Milly. 

In this new collection, once again Victoire de Castellane expresses her talents as a colourist and uses stones, as well as lacquer, her signature, to enliven her creations. Each piece displays the most refined monochrome colour shading or the most unexpected colour contrasts. 

In her desire to give the jewellery a natural and lively look, while keeping it exceptionally light, Victoire de Castellane asked the ateliers to demonstrate their great skill and inventiveness. Like an embroidery sewn on the fabric, the stones are arranged one by one on the jewel to achieve the most balanced and refined result possible.

For the chapter named Mini Milly, Victoire de Castellane dreams of an imaginary garden seen through the eyes of a child. The child-like inspiration is revealed in every aspect of these jewels, as the proportions between the different patterns are not respected: for instance, the bee is as big as the cloud, and the flowers grow as high as the tree.