Spring-Summer 2023 Ready-to-Wear Show

Online on September 27th at 11:00 pm (AEST)

Each Maria Grazia Chiuri collection is designed to open up room for the inventive imagination.  For this Dior spring-summer 2023 ready-to-wear défilé, the Creative Director of Dior women’s lines notably uses the image of a map of Paris from the House's archives, printed on the back of a scarf and structured around the Avenue Montaigne*.


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The architecture of dreams

  • Dreamed up by the artist Eva Jospin, the set for the show is inspired by baroque grottos at once shadowy and marvelous. A dreamy landscape evoking architecture both natural and imaginary, embodying interiority and mystery.


Collective energy

  • Upon inviting the duo Imre & Marne van Opstal to compose a choreography, the Creative Director once again summoned the spirit of baroque balls in order to emphasize the bewitching strangeness explored in the collection. Thus, between minerality and vegetation, a performance mixing the beautiful and the disconcerting, turmoil and grace, the organic and the surreal, punctuates the models’ passage into the heart of a fantastical grotto.

    © Melinda Triana

Neobaroque silhouettes

Between illusion and mystery, shade and light, Maria Grazia Chiuri creates a wardrobe of hypnotizing, sovereign elegance, inspired by the figure of Catherine de Medicis. The stylistic emblems of the Court, such as corsets or crinolines, are structured with sportswear details. Trenches are reinvented, combining the volume of baroque costumes with the iconic Dior silhouette. Deepest black contrasts with the purity of white; a palette of soft colors sublimated by the lightness of long shirts and skirts gliding with grace. Celebrating the virtuosity of needlework, different techniques of embroidery and indeed crochet interact with raw, almost organic materials – like raffia – punctuating the looks with a touch of contemporary couture. A dream-like image of a winter garden, at once dark and scintillating, the floral prints convey the vitality of the vegetal world, embellishing dresses, pants and coats with new poetic force. An ode to the potency of fashion as an expression of feminine power.

© Morgan O'Donovan

Sovereign grace

Combined with delicately embroidered knee-highs, the shoes pay tribute to Catherine de Medicis, who intiated heels to fashion. Pumps, ballerinas and ankle boots are enhanced with platforms and multiple straps, emphasizing the silhouette – from ankle to knee. Exalting the immeasurable savoir-faire of the Ateliers, long gloves in chiseled leather – as if transformed into mesh – accentuate the allure with a sensual aura, while finely crafted chokers, dangly earrings and necklaces adopt the opulence and timeless elegance of Renaissance baroque jewelry. 

© Morgan O'Donovan

The beauty of gestures

  • Striking a balance between heritage and creativity, the looks of the Dior spring-summer 2023 ready-to-wear collection celebrate the virtuosity of the House’s ateliers. A new renaissance of Dior style.

    © Sophie Carre


Women’s power

  • In this enigmatic, melancholic universe, Maria Grazia Chiuri initiated an encounter with Catherine de Médicis, Queen and regent of France, inspirational figurehead of this collection. Captivated by her magnetic aura, the Creative Director chose to investigate her fascinating legend with silhouettes steeped in mystery. An exploration of the multiple facets of feminine power. 

    © Melinda Triana  © Céline Borello