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Dior Skin Light

LED Mask - Anti-Aging Effectiveness
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To create its 1st ever LED mask with anti-aging effectiveness, Dior has forged a partnership with French company Lucibel.le Paris, pioneers and experts in LED technology. Presented at a special preview at the Dior Cheval Blanc spa in Paris, this futuristic skincare device is now available in an on-the-go version, exclusively on and in a selection of Dior boutiques.

This intuitively designed LED mask created by Olivier Lapidus offers an unprecedented* beauty experience with high-performance results, and has been designed to fit facial contours. Its photo-biomodulation technology harnesses red light to stimulate skin cells. With a wavelength of 635 nm and power density of 15.6 j/cm2, it delivers quick and clinically proven results. The positioning of the LEDs ensures that the right amount of light density is directed to each area of the face, for an optimal result across the entire face in just 12 minutes.

Instant results on skin quality are visible from the very 1st session: redness is diminished, the complexion is more even and radiance is enhanced. After 1 month, skin looks healthier, with reduced sebum levels and decreased pore diameter. After 3 months of using Dior Skin Light, optimal anti-aging results are achieved: wrinkles are reduced, skin matrix density is increased, and facial contours are redefined. Skin appears visibly younger. The results are still visible even 1 and a half months after the last mask treatment session has been completed.

Suitable for all skin types and skin tones, including even the most sensitive skin, it acts first and foremost as a source of energy that helps restore balance in the skin and soothes the mind, as you enjoy a moment of relaxation.

This futuristic skincare device is now available to use at home, and can be purchased exclusively at, Dior spas and a selection of Dior boutiques.

* At Dior.


Red light with a wavelength of 635 nm acts on the skin's regenerative processes, stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, for radiant skin that is plumped and smoothed.

From the very 1st session, the effects on skin quality are instant. After 1 month, skin quality is visibly improved. After 3 months of using the Dior Skin Light mask, skin feels firmer and smoother.

Instantly improved skin quality and lasting anti-aging effectiveness. After 3 months of use, on the basis of two 12-minute sessions per week, users report that:

- Sebum production is reduced: -70%*
- Skin is smoother: +23.8%**
- Pore diameter is reduced: -32.8%**
- Facial contours seem redefined: +24%**
- Fine lines appear reduced: -38%**
- Skin density is improved: +47%**
- Skin is firmer: +23%**
- Skin tone is more even: +34%**

* Instrumental test on 10 women after 3 months of mask use.
** Instrumental test on 20 women after 3 months of mask use.

Application Tips

Use the Dior Skin Light mask twice a week for optimal results.

During a session, the mask should be as close as possible to the face. It is best to remove all makeup beforehand, and anything that may deflect the light from the mask away from the skin. It is also essential to use the protective glasses provided, to avoid glare.

You may go out in the sun before or after a session with the Dior Skin Light mask.

The Dior Skin Light beauty mask is suitable for all skin types. However, it is not recommended for use by pregnant women, people with spider veins or photodermatosis, people with birthmarks, people who suffer or may suffer from epileptic seizures, children, or people with sunburn.

The use of the Dior Skin Light beauty mask is also strongly discouraged for people undergoing photosensitizing drug treatment and for people undergoing treatment for an illness that causes photosensitivity.
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For the creation of the very first Dior LED mask, the House of Dior reveals an exclusive partnership with LUCIBEL LE, the French luxury brand and authority on photobiomodulation.


Dior Skin Light LED Mask acts on the processes of skin regeneration by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.

After the first uses, skin is denser (+47%) and less wrinkled (-37%), and facial contours are more defined by 24%.* In only 12 minutes, the LEDs act on redness, pores and sebum for radiant, plumped and smooth skin.*

* Clinical assessment of 20 women after 3 months.


Dr Pelletier interview

Dr Pelletier interview
To learn more about Dior light therapy, discover Dr. Pelletier's interview.


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