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Sauvage Parfum Refill

Fragrance Refill - Citrus and Woody Notes
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The 100 ml Sauvage Parfum bottle is now refillable.

Easy-to-use, the Sauvage Parfum refill allows you to reuse your empty fragrance bottle. The refill's innovative auto-stop system automatically stops filling when the bottle is full.

The Sauvage Parfum refill has a simplified design made of recycled aluminum. Using the refill allows to reduce the fragrance’s environmental footprint: 60%* less energy consumption, 53%* less water, 60%* less greenhouse gas production and 62%* less waste.

The refill is not for use alone. Compatible only with the 30 ml and 100 ml bottles of Sauvage Parfum.

* Comparison between a 100 ml bottle of Sauvage Parfum + a 300 ml Sauvage refill and four 100 ml bottles of Sauvage Parfum. Life cycle analysis based on the ISO14040 and ISO14044 standards.

olfactory notes

Mandarin and Bergamot

Mandarin and Bergamot

Sandalwood and Cedar

A note of Sri Lankan sandalwood heightens and envelops the entire composition. This dense note unleashes the full power of its milky, smooth accords.
It is joined by the cedar note that surprises with an unexpected "jammy" raspberry facet.

Vanilla and Tonka Bean

The vanilla absolute note of Sauvage is wrapped in a slightly bitter, delicious and mouthwatering tonka bean note.

Know how

Sourced from a Sri Lankan plantation that has worked with Dior for over 10 years, the sandalwood note in Sauvage Parfum boasts rich nuances and exceptional qualities derived from special farming practices.

A difficult plant to cultivate, sandalwood is supervised during the early stages of growth and then "released" into a totally wild plantation where nature takes its course. In this harsh, natural environment with no human intervention, each tree pursues its growth, battles to spread its branches and thrive, sometimes reaching 100 years of age and growing over 12 meters tall.

This is how its unique olfactory qualities are forged, year after year, to produce the rare, powerful and rich sandalwood note of Sauvage Parfum.
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1. Unscrew the pump of your bottle.

2. Screw the Sauvage refill onto the neck of your bottle up to the stop mark to trigger filling.

3. Filling stops automatically when the bottle is full. Screw back the pump up to the second stop mark before removing it from the bottle.

The Sauvage refill is compatible with the Sauvage Parfum 100 ml bottle. It cannot be used alone.



Sauvage Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum and Parfum are now infinitely refillable with the 300 ml refills and at certain points of sale.