Winter 2023-2024 Men’s Show

Online on January 20th at 3.00 p.m. (GMT+1)

“The cycle of a fashion house is about regeneration and rejuvenation, just like the cycle of fashion itself. There is always something of the past in the present and future, and Dior is no different. In this collection, we wanted to look at the regeneration of the House after the death of Monsieur Dior.” Kim Jones



03 / 59


An immersive, mesmerizing experience, the show dreamed up by Kim Jones, like a polyphonic collective work, features multiple dialogues sourced from music, cinema, poetry and video. A tribute to art in all its forms.


The silhouettes of the Dior Winter 2023-2024 show twist the fundamentals to better reinvent them. Celebrating the rigor and simplicity of Yves Saint Laurent's signature style, the chosen heir of the founding-couturier, the cuts of the pieces dreamed up by Kim Jones revealed rounded, delicately curved shapes, combining the quest for elegance with a concern for comfort.



Combining refinement and functionality, the accessories in the collection are driven by the idea of absolute simplicity. Irresistible punctuations, the bags, dressed in a delicate tone-on-tone Dior Oblique pattern, oscillate between discretion and audacity. The boots and derbies are accompanied by socks, subtly apparent, while some models are 3D printed, pushing the limits of innovation. 



The collection's savoir-faire celebrates Dior's excellence, taken to a new level of innovation. A fresh perspective on the House's heritage, through a bold, innovative prism.

Readings made possible with the permission of the TS Eliot Estate.