The first podcast series that takes us behind the scenes of the Maison Dior and its unique savoir-faire. An immersion into the fascinating world of its creator and his innermost inspirations.


Flowers have been vital sources of inspiration for Dior’s legendary creations. The rose is the queen of all flowers; its rare beauty and unique fragrance have been celebrated since antiquity. It combines nature’s perfect alchemy - fragile, sensual, but also resilient. It is the culmination of 35 million years of evolution. Its molecular complexity has long fascinated biologists and seduced perfume-makers with its delicate essence.

In this fourth episode of Dior Untold, you’ll hear the story of the most extraordinary of roses that elevates Dior Prestige skincare today: The Rose de Granville.


"The Power of Red" is the third episode of the Dior Untold saga, this time imbued with the revolutionary hues that have guided women towards their quest for empowerment.

Christian Dior brings color back into everyone's life, the one of passion, the one he calls his "beneficial color," the one that merges the world of fashion with that of beauty. From the cloth to the tip of the lips, the red color dresses women.

After the New Look, it was Rouge Dior that Hollywood took hold of, sublimating the 7th art and its greatest actresses who dedicated to Christian Dior a passion as intense as his red: No Dior, No Dietrich. Peter Philips tells us how the red worn by women on the tip of their lips is the weapon that amplifies the scope of their voice, and beyond that, allows them to embrace power.

Christian Dior thus comes to leave his mark, like that of his admirers' lips on his cheeks on fashion show days.

To each shade, its nuance. To each grain, its character.


After having transported you through senses, it is now through encounters that this second episode "And Women Created Dior" takes you on a journey through time. 

Strolling again in the bucolic gardens of Christian Dior's childhood home in Granville in company of his mother Madeleine, the action goes on in the cobblestone streets of post-war Paris, enlivened by the Parisian crowd who rushes to the Saint Germain Des Prés district, willing to discover the creations of the great couturier. 

It is here and there that he will cultivate his admiration for many women who have shaped his history and that of fashion. Among them, the fabulous Mitzah, his enchanting muse of incomparable elegance, who will guide Christian Dior in line with her visionary ambition.

By their impetus and freshness, they have all been a source of wonder and inspiration, offering its vitality to the House till becoming its very soul.

They are the stars who steer Christian Dior in his eternal quest for excellence.

Let’s discover who are these women who have sublimated his art…


For the first time ever, the tales of Dior Perfumes are told in a Podcast seriesDior Untold. This series provides a unique opportunity to take us behind the scenes of the Dior Maison and its special savoir-faire. An immersion into the fascinating world of its creator and his innermost inspirations.


In the opening episode, Dior in Bloom, journey through Christian Dior’s life and discover the colorful places that shaped the vision of this exceptional couturier and perfumer. One of these extraordinary places, where this story begins, is Grasse – Christian Dior’s favorite region in France. It is here where he truly cultivated his love of flowers by planting acres of Centifolia Roses fulfilling the ultimate dream of this garden and flower enthusiast.


Today, Christian Dior’s former home in Grasse territory, Château de la Colle Noire, continues to be a source of inspiration with its lush and beautiful gardens bathed in sun and buzzing with the hum of cicadas, a sensorial experience that encompasses the guiding theme of this episode: Christian Dior’s passion for flowers, which shaped his dazzling creativity throughout his life. 


By cherishing these special places of the past, like the château and the brilliant landscapes, it helps connect the present of the Maison with the original creator’s vision of perfumes, dresses and interiors.


The desire of the house of Dior to support Grasse fragrant flower producers and their unique savoir-faire passed down through generations ensures that Dior’s fragrances are composed with the finest flowers while also revitalizing the Grasse terroir and Christian Dior’s strong ties to the land.