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Miss Dior Parfum

Parfum - Intense Floral, Fruity and Woody Notes
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Between strength and grace, boldness and elegance. Miss Dior Parfum is the breath of femininity and youth according to Dior. Francis Kurkdjian, Dior Perfume Creative Director, reappropriates the initial olfactory inspiration of Miss Dior, infusing it with the spirit of contemporary youth.

The perfumer reinventes the legendary chypre fragrance of Miss Dior in a composition that blends floral and fruity accords with voluptuous notes of ambery woods. In homage to the jasmine of the original 1947 Miss Dior fragrance, a jasmine with rare facets, obtained through a special extraction process, was chosen by Francis Kurkdjian for Dior. It reveals a surprising rosy and fruity note that contrasts with the woody tones and is brightened by hints of mandarin.

The Couturier's fragrance, Miss Dior Parfum is adorned with a 'poignard' bow woven from Lurex threads, its silvery hue echoing the color of its new signature label. The emblematic Miss Dior houndstooth motif envelops around the bottle in shimmering pink tones.

An intense and luminous fragrance, at the heart of which shines the essence of Miss Dior.

olfactory notes


Sparkling and juicy notes of mandarin.


Floral accords dominated by the intensity of a jasmine note, tailor-made for Dior. They are infused with vibrant, sweet and juicy notes of crispy and succulent wild strawberries.
Francis Kurkdjian wanted to reproduce the specific notes extracted from the jasmine of 1947, the year Miss Dior was born. A jasmine with rare facets was thus chosen and given special treatment, both in terms of harvesting conditions and the use of new technologies. An unprecedented process* that imparts fruity accents, tinged with strawberries, peaches, and apricots, faithful to the jasmine of yesteryear while preserving all of its radiance.

* At Dior.


A sensually and solidly constructed woody-ambery composition, anchored by a full and refined patchouli, darkened by a dense and binding Alaskan cedar. A forest floor carpeted with moss seems to envelop the composition.

perfumer's word

“Envisioning a new Miss Dior is a desire to capture the youth of its time in a scent. My Miss Dior is a contemporary chypre. It is a reflection of its time with the delectable tones of a jasmine with wild strawberry facets, imparting the sensation of a fragrance that is excessively round and yet highly structured by ambery woods.”

Francis Kurkdjian

Application Tips

Spray Miss Dior Parfum on pulse points: neck and wrists.
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NUIT 1947

“Miss Dior was born from those evenings in Provence illuminated by fireflies, where green jasmine serves as a counterpoint to the melody of the night and the earth.” 

Christian Dior, 1947


A floral, gourmand explosion that settles like fruit on the tongue, wrapping itself in sensual flowers and leaving a dense, woody amber trail.



Miss Dior Parfum is adorned with a “poignard” bow woven from Lurex threads, its silvery hue echoing the color of the new signature label. The emblematic Miss Dior houndstooth motif envelops the shimmering pink-toned bottle.



Candid, proud and intense, Natalie Portman exudes joy and sensuality, and portrays a new Miss Dior, more deeply in love and more confident than ever. Radiating strength and winning beauty, Miss Dior is an ode to love that reaches further than ever.




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