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Dior Vernis

Nail Polish - Couture Color - Shine and Long Wear - Gel Effect - Protective Nail Care
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Dior has reinvented the emblematic Dior Vernis nail polish in a colorful wardrobe inspired by the iconic pieces by the House of Dior.

Dior Vernis provides truly protective nail care thanks to its formula infused with extracts of peony and an extract of pistachio, and enhances nails with couture color with every manicure.

This nail polish is easy to apply with its ergonomic brush. With a glossy finish and a gel effect hold, it ensures even results, regardless of nail shape.

The Dior Vernis collection includes timeless, natural and bold colors that are always elegant. Red nail polish is available in a range of shades, pink nail polish is offered in a selection of hues from ecru to fuchsia and immaculate white nail polish is contrasted with intense black nail polish.

Committed to its sustainable beauty initiative, Dior has redesigned the Dior Vernis bottle: its cap is now made of 100%* recycled plastic material.

* Does not include added colorants and additives.


A glossy manicure with couture color and a gel effect hold.


Infused with extracts of peony and pistachio, the Dior Vernis formula acts as protective nail care.


A range of shades, more couture than ever, inspired by the latest trends and creations from the House of Dior. Timeless essentials and limited editions to discover with each new season.

Application Tips

1. Start by applying a thin coat of Dior Base Vernis.
2. First apply an initial, very thin coat of Dior Vernis in the center of the nail, and then on the sides. Then apply a second, more generous coat to add depth to the color.
3. Maximize shine with a coat of Dior Top Coat.
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