Privacy statement

The Maisons Christian Dior Couture and Parfums Christian Dior attach particular importance to the processing, confidentiality and security of your personal data. We are committed to offering you personalized services while respecting your privacy and personal choices.

The purpose of this privacy policy (hereinafter “Statement”) is to inform you in a clear, simple and complete manner of the processing carried out on the personal data that you provide to us, or that each of our Maisons can collect from the various outlets contact you may have with us (e.g. shop, customer care,, social networks, digital applications, events), their possible transfer to third parties as well as your rights and the options you have to control your information protect your privacy, in accordance with current regulations.

During your shopping experience, and in order to inform you in advance, you will go from Maison Christian Dior Couture to Maison Parfums Christian Dior, or vice versa. Depending on the type of product ordered, the Data Controller will be either Maison Christian Dior Couture or Maison Parfums Christian Dior, within the meaning of the regulations applicable to personal data and in particular with regard to article 24 of the Regulations (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter "GDPR").

As an example, referring to a few iconic products from the two Maisons:

Maison Christian Dior Couture
- Lady Dior bag
- 30 Montaigne bag
- Bar jacket

Maison Parfums Christian Dior
- J’adore or Sauvage perfume
- Dior Prestige beauty care
- Maquillage Dior Forever products

Christian Dior's 7 key engagements towards you and your personal data: 1.Christian Dior is engaged to respecting your privacy and your choices, particularly with respect to our commercial communications 2.Christian Dior is engaged in seeking the best security and applying the appropriate protection standards in its systems 3.Christian Dior will not sell your data 4.Christian Dior will only work with trusted partners 5.Christian Dior is engaged in updating its privacy notices and policies as regularly as possible 6. Christian Dior undertakes to respond to your requests as far as possible and within the time limits set 7.Christian Dior is engaged to applying data protection rights in a harmonized manner regardless of your location in the world

In this Statement, you will find information about:
• Who are we?
• What data we may collect about you
• How we collect or receive your data
• For what purposes we use your data
• How long we keep them
• Who are the recipients of your data
• How we protect them and ensure their confidentiality
• How we treat your preferences and your rights stemming from European Regulation
• The additional protections we offer to residents of certain regions
• How to contact us if you have questions about our use of your personal data
• Modification of this privacy statement

WHO are we?

The Maison Christian Dior Couture

Christian Dior Couture SA (head office), a public limited company under French law with its head office located at 30 avenue Montaigne, Paris 8, France, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 612 035 832 and represented by Hien Tran Trung in his capacity as Administrative and Financial Director of Christian Dior Couture.

And all of the Christian Dior Couture affiliates with whom you share your information.

Christian Dior Couture is a story of dreams and elegance, passion and excellence; it is also a story of know-how. The creations of Christian Dior Couture express the passion for beautiful gestures and exceptional objects. From haute couture to ready-to-wear, including leather goods, watchmaking and jewellery, know-how is transformed into the art of making.

The Maison Parfums Christian Dior

Parfums Christian Dior (head office), a public limited company under French law whose head office is located at 33, avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris, France, registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 552 065 187, and represented by Laurent Kleitman in his capacity as Managing Director.

And all the affiliates of Parfums Christian Dior with whom you share your information.

Parfums Christian Dior is a story of dreams, glamor, creativity and excellence. The Maison, which has unique expertise, is made up of talented and ambitious professionals who are committed to perpetuating the heritage of the Dior heritage and transmitting their passion for beauty.

WHAT data do we collect about you?

"Personal data" means any information that identifies you either directly (such as your name) or indirectly (for example, using a unique customer number).

The personal data we collect depends on the point of contact through which you interact with us, as well as the purposes of this interaction as described in this Statement and are also limited to those which are relevant and appropriate for this interaction. Visitors to the website who view our products, information and offers can choose to do so without logging in, and the same is true for point-of-sale search and browsing on social media. Unless you choose to interact with us through these contact points, for example:
• by creating an account and connecting to it
• by making a purchase on our site
• by subscribing to one of our programs or services
• by writing to us via the consumer contact forms
• or by writing us a comment in the free online order fields

Or else, our data collection is limited to the use of "cookies" (visitors) for website visitors whose conditions are specifically defined by our cookie policy and according to your preferences. For the sake of transparency and clarity, our cookie management policy is separate from this Statement.

The cookie management policy is accessible from this link.

For one thing, for customers and others who sign up for programs or services, we need to collect certain relevant information from you. The information we collect is related to a given transaction as well as in the context of our business relationship with you. For example, if you make purchases on or in our points of sale, we must collect information to process (and, if necessary, execute and dispatch) your order, to ensure its tracking and invoicing, to be in order to respond to any after-sales inquiries you may have. For customers and others who sign up for our programs or services, we generally collect your contact information, contact preferences and information that allows us to make recommendations to you about our products or services that may be of interest to you. We can centralize information about our customers to organize it in one place, as this helps us manage our relationship with you as well as your choices and preferences. Finally, if you subscribe to our personalised newsletter, we collect your email address.

Depending on the data that you communicate to us or that you share with us, personal data may include information concerning:
• Your identity and contact details: surname, first name, postal address, email address, telephone number
• Your interests
• A history of your purchases (in store or online, including your orders, tracking and invoices, amount and type of purchase) and your repairs
• Your requests via our customer care service or our public relations service
• The Dior events in which you participate
• Your size and stylistic preferences (only for Christian Dior Couture)
• Your date of birth in order to benefit from the Birthday offers eligible according to your program
• Your satisfaction and comments on our programs, services and products
• The information that you specify related to the possible undesirable effects that you could report to us (only for Parfums Christian Dior)
• Your publications and mentions of our products on social networks

Regarding your purchases, payments are made via a secure payment platform, supplemented by control measures, including encryption of contact details, in order to guarantee the security of purchases made and to fight against fraud. Your bank details are therefore not accessible on Dior's servers.

We invite you to ensure that your data is regularly updated, either by modifying it directly on our sites or, by informing us in writing of any modification by referring to the dedicated section "How to contact us".

HOW do we collect or receive your data?

As part of our relationships, the data we collect may be collected through the following contact points:
• Course on
• Exchanges with our advisors in Dior stores as well as points of sale in department stores
• Dior events in which you participate
• Relationship with our public relations services
• Contact with customer care
• Forms that you fill out (in store or online)
• Digital applications with which you interact
• Third party data providers with whom you share information
• Retailers for whom you agree to receive our communications
• Satisfaction surveys or questionnaires to which you answer
• Publications/mentions on social networks

We make sure to identify the personal data essential for the purpose for which it is collected by indicating it with an asterisk like this ‘(*)’ on each personal data collection form. If you do not fill in these mandatory fields, we will not be able to respond to your requests and / or provide you with the services requested. The other information is optional and allows us to know you better and improve our communications and services to you. Although not mandatory, we recommend that you fill them in to allow you to benefit from the best possible experience during our interactions with you.

During your purchase journey, you will be able to choose between i) logging into your existing Dior account, ii) creating a new account, or iii) paying as a Guest (or also called Guest Check out). This last purchasing experience is thus summarized as follows.

Payment for purchases as a Guest refers to the possibility for any Dior customer or prospect to make a purchase in our online store without logging into an account. Your information is collected for the process of payment and delivery of items or for Dior in order to comply with applicable laws. Your information may also be used for analytical purposes by Dior and for communication purposes via its preferred channel (for example: sending a general newsletter relating to the news of our Maisons by email for which you have the right to object). For more information on these purposes, please go to the section below, under the "Analysis and personalization purposes" section.

FOR WHAT PURPOSES is your data used by Dior?

We are required to use your data for purposes defined according to the nature of our relationships. Thus, depending on the context in which your data is collected, it may be used for one or more of the following purposes:
• Managing your orders
• Management of personalized content and Dior communications (digital or not)
• Managing your client profile (For example, in order to simplify your navigation through the different markets on our website: if you navigate to another market, your customer account will automatically be duplicated in that market. This means that it will not be necessary to create a new customer account)
• Managing your requests in connection with Dior
• The management of events in which you register / participate
• The management of alerts that you send us as part of our cosmetovigilance obligations (only for Parfums Christian Dior products)
• The management of our website and our digital applications
• Management and improvement of our products and services, image and reputation
• Transaction management (securing online payments, prevention of fraud, incidents related to payments and debts)
• Promoting our Maison on social networks
• The sending of a generic newsletter: you have the right to object if you no longer wish to receive it
• Analysis purposes: > analyse the performance of our brand on social networks in order to produce statistical analyses (studies of results by market, influence of the brand and analysis of the campaigns implemented). > analyse your preferences and habits, anticipate your needs from of your consumer profile and your publications/mentions on social networks. > personalised customer experience: we may provide you with personalised communications by means of email, postal mail, SMS or calls based on the communication preferences you have indicated and your consumer profile (where permitted) here to channel preference manager if you have a customer account, otherwise you can contact our customer service (see section "how to contact us")). With your free, specific, informed and unambiguous consent (where required), we use your personal data to send you personalised communications based on your interests (newsletters, offers, invitations and surveys).

In the latter two interactions ('analysing your preferences and habits' & 'providing you with a personalised customer experience'), when we send personalised communications or content, we may use so-called profiling techniques. For the sake of transparency within this Statement, profiling is defined as any kind of automated processing of personal data which consists of using that personal data to evaluate certain personal aspects relating to a natural person, in particular to analyse or predict elements relating to the preferences, interests, behaviour or location of that natural person. In these circumstances, you have the right of opposition, meaning the right to withdraw your consent.

We ensure the legal basis for the processing of your data according to the purpose (s) concerned, which may be, depending on the context in which it is collected:
• Your explicit consent: for example, for the purposes of managing our personalized commercial offers, managing your browsing via cookies under the conditions defined by our Cookies Policy, or establishing your consumer profile in applicable cases
• The implementation of a contract, for example for your access to your customer account, the processing and follow-up of your orders ...
• A legal obligation when processing is required by law, for example, keeping purchase invoices to prevent fraud
• Our legitimate interest: for example, to improve our products and services, to defend ourselves, to secure our tools or to refine our customer knowledge via the tools of our third party partners and in particular to : o to define the personalised profile of our customers based on their interests and to offer them relevant offers from our brand on other websites; o identify audiences that are similar to our target audience (in order to deliver our offers to audiences of people who have similarities to our customers' profiles).

HOW LONG can we keep them?

Please note that the Maisons Parfum Christian Dior and Christian Dior Couture are independent entities, and each Maison has its own customer database. If you are a customer of both Maisons Dior and your data is deleted, either because of a deletion request from you or as part of our obligation to delete data after a certain period of retention, by one of the Maisons Dior and not by the other, our e-commerce site, which is shared by the Maisons Dior, may recognize you when you create a new account. If, for example, you wish to delete your data on the Parfum and Couture side, you must contact both Maison. (See section “HOW to contact us?” for contact details)

We keep your personal data only for the time necessary for the purpose pursued. In general, your personal data is stored in our database, as shown below:

For Maison Christian Dior Couture:

• Data subject: Any kind of customer (having a Customer profile or any Guest) Duration: 10 years from the date of the last purchase interaction

• Data subject: Prospect Duration: 3 years from the date of data collection Specificity: This period will be renewed each time you interact with Christian Dior Couture (e.g. participation in an event) or your consent to continue to interact at the end of this period

• Data subject: customer care (i.e.: calls for assistance, complaints or information) Duration: duration of the processing of the request, or 30 days maximum

• Data subject: Privileged interlocutors (e.g. agents, stylists, celebrity managers, artists) in relation to Christian Dior Couture Public Relations services Duration: 10 years from the date of your first contact Specificity: This period will be renewed each time you interact with Christian Dior Couture (for example a request for information on the Maison Christian Dior Couture)

For the Maison Parfums Christian Dior:

• Data subject: Regular customer (i.e.: having a Customer profile) Duration: 5 years from the date of the first purchase or account creation Specificity: This period will be renewed each time you interact with Parfums Christian Dior (for example a purchase or an update of your profile) or your consent to continue to interact at the end of this period

• Data subject: Prospect Duration: 3 years from the date of data collection Specificity: This period will be renewed each time you interact with Parfums Christian Dior (e.g. participation in an event) or your consent to continue to interact at the end of this period

• Data subject: Client ‘Guest’ (i.e. not having a Client account) Duration: 5 years from the date of first purchase Specificity: This period will be renewed each time you interact with Parfums Christian Dior (e.g. a purchase)

• Data subject: customer care (i.e.: complaints or information) Duration: duration of the processing of the request plus 5 years. For exercises of rights, under GDPR, the request is kept during its treatment plus 6 years

• Data subject: cosmetovigilance Duration: duration of the processing of the request plus 10 years in archive

• Data subject: Privileged interlocutors (e.g. agents, stylists, journalist, celebrity managers, artists) in relation to Maison Parfums Christian Dior Public Relations services Duration: 10 years from the date of your first contact Specificity: This period will be renewed each time you interact with Parfums Christian Dior (for example a request for information on the Parfums Christian Dior)

When we no longer need to use your personal data, it is deleted from our systems and our registers or made anonymous so that it can no longer be identified, subject to retention for archival purposes, claims and litigation management as well as to meet our legal and / or regulatory obligations and / or to respond to requests from authorities authorized to make the request.

WHO can access your data?

Your data is intended for the services of Maison Christian Dior concerned by your requests. We ensure that only duly authorized persons can access your personal data when this is necessary for the aforementioned purposes.

We do not share your data on to third parties for commercial purposes.

We are only required to communicate your information if necessary, and if possible in a form that does not allow direct identification to:
• Other Dior entities as well as department stores where you buy our products in order to provide you with identical personalized service worldwide
• Our trusted third-party providers, including other entities of the LVMH group, acting as subcontractors according to our instructions and on our behalf only

For example, we entrust certain services to third parties responsible for delivering a product to you, payment service providers and transaction security against fraud, third parties who assist us in the organization of our events, third parties providing services IT, digital communication and public relations agencies, third parties who assist us in customer care, third parties who assist us in qualitative surveys of our products, programs or services.

• Third parties including the LVMH group wishing to know your preferences and consumption trends for our programs and services in order to improve visibility, accessibility and performance

• Our trusted third party partners assist us in the management of your orders. In particular, we entrust certain services to third parties responsible for delivering a product to you, to payment service providers and to providers ensuring the security of anti-fraud transactions

Some key examples are listed below:
- DHL orders and deliveries (delivery), BlueLink (call center management), FluentCommerce (order and stock management) and any other service provider in management
- Ecommerce management SMILE (website host), CapGemini (eCommerce solution), Salesforce (management of customer profiles) and any other service provider in the management of your ecommerce shopping experience
- Payments and transaction security Cybersource (securing transactions against electronic commerce fraud), PayPal (payment service provider), OneyTrust (securing transactions against electronic commerce fraud) and any other payment service provider, verification, or banking provider

Please note that these partners may act as data controllers; in this case, they have their own privacy policies. We illustrate some examples in the list below:

• Third parties wishing to know your interests so that they can build similar audiences and target prospects corresponding to your profile. In the context of this specific processing, these partners may re-use the personal data made available to them to carry out autonomous and distinct targeting for commercial prospecting purposes, for which they are responsible, and are responsible for their legal and regulatory obligations.

Please note that in the context of re-use, these partners act as data controllers. You should therefore refer to their own privacy policies. We illustrate some examples below.
- Facebook (Privacy policy accessible here
- Google (Privacy policy accessible here
- Instagram (Privacy policy accessible here

• Third parties conducting statistics on our performance on social networks on our behalf

• Third Parties in the event of a change of control or of status or company name, for legal reasons, or with your prior consent

• Third parties such as IAS (International Accreditation Service), which assists us, for example, in finding out the exposure rate of our created formats. For more information, their privacy policy is available here

• Public authorities within the framework of their functions and missions of public interest, such as the establishment, exercise or defence of legal rights

You can also choose to disclose your personal data to our partners, advertisers and affiliates by following a link to and from their websites. Please note that these websites apply their own privacy policy.

We may also offer you the possibility of using your social media connection data. Please note that in this case, you are sharing your profile information with us. The personal data shared depends on the configuration of the social network platform. Please note that these social networks apply their own privacy policy.

HOW do we protect and ensure the confidentiality of your data?

We take all the necessary precautions to guarantee the confidentiality and security of your data and to prevent it from being distorted, damaged, destroyed or from unauthorized third parties having access to it.

We ask our partners and group companies to maintain a level of protection similar to ours concerning your personal data. The security measures put in place are evaluated and updated to face new threats and new challenges, as well as new legal requirements in the countries where we operate.

HOW do we process cross-border data flows?

Given the presence of Dior in many countries around the world and in order to provide you with personalized service worldwide, some of your data may be collected, accessible or stored outside your country of residence. You should be aware that data protection and security requirements differ from place to place and may not offer the same level of protection as those of your country of origin. However, Dior and our group companies have taken measures to guarantee an adequate level of protection of your data, regardless of their location, for example by using standard data transfer clauses, or any other method approved by the European Commission (where data protection legislation is considered to be the most effective in the world) and / or the National Data Protection Authorities. We also ask our third party partners to comply with the applicable data transfer obligations, for example by contractual clauses, with regard to the personal data they receive on our behalf.

In this context:
- Christian Dior Couture and all of its affiliates have entered into a Personal Data Processing and Transfer Agreement
- Parfums Christian Dior and all of its affiliates have entered into a Data Processing and Transfer Agreement
- In specific cases and roles, Christian Dior Couture and Parfums Christian Dior have entered into a Data Processing and Transfer Agreement

HOW are consumer preferences and individual rights treated?

In accordance with applicable laws and requirements, Dior and its group companies have put in place measures to guarantee respect for the rights of individuals with regard to personal data that we (or our third parties) have about them. This includes, for example, the right to know the data that we hold about you or to obtain a copy, as well as the limited rights to modify your data, to request erasure or to object to the processing of your data. We encourage those who have given their data to us to keep it up-to-date (for example, if you change your email address, address or telephone number), so that we keep your correct information in our files. We also encourage consumers to update their preferences with us, for example regarding products and frequency of contact, so that we can customize our service to suit your expectations and needs. Finally, we offer individuals the right to withdraw their consent from our programs and offers at any time. To do this, or to exercise any of these other rights, please use or the contact possibilities in the section "How to contact us" below. For people wishing to access their data, we also need authentication to ensure that we do not provide personal data to an unauthorized person.

WHAT additional protections are provided for residents of certain regions?

Dior has adopted the data protection and security practices described in this Statement for all individuals concerned. In addition, we have also identified and taken in to account the data protection and security measures required at local or regional level. This includes, for example, those required for residents of the European Union / European Economic Area under the General EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679.

In particular, the GDPR provides the following rights:

• Right to information: you have the right to obtain clear, transparent and understandable information about how we use your personal data and about your rights. You will find all of this information in this Statement
• Right of access: you have the right to access the personal data that Dior holds about you
• Right of rectification: you have the right to have your personal data rectified if it is inaccurate or obsolete and / or to supplement it if it is incomplete
• Right to erasure / right to be forgotten: you have the right to have your data erased or deleted. However, this right may be limited by a legal reason or our legitimate interest in keeping your personal data
• Right of opposition: you can at any time request to no longer receive our communications relating to our offers, news and events. You can in particular use the hypertext link provided for this purpose in each email or communication that we send to you. You can also request to receive non-personalized communications about our products and services
• Right to withdraw consent at any time for data processing based on consent: you can withdraw your consent relating to our processing of your data when this processing is based on consent
• Right to data portability: you have the right to move, copy or transfer data from our database to another. This right only applies to the data you have provided, and provided that the processing is based on a contract or your consent and carried out using automated processes

If you wish to contact Dior regarding the exercise of your rights, please contact the Parfum Christian Dior and/or Christian Dior Couture Maisons depending on which Maison you belong to. Parfum Christian Dior and Christian Dior Couture are two independent Maison and manage their own customer database independently, so if you wish for example to delete your data on the Parfum and Couture side, you must contact both Maisons. (See section “HOW to contact us?” for contact details)

Dior has adopted practices aimed at avoiding collecting or storing information on children under the age of 15, in accordance with laws. If we learn that we have mistakenly collected information from people under the age of 15, we will purge it immediately, except to answer a single question or request from the person, their parent or legal guardian.

HOW to contact us?

1 / Please contact us in the manner below if you wish to exercise these rights or if you have questions or complaints regarding the processing of your personal data.

Christian Dior Couture

- By email to
- By online form:
- By phone: +44 (0)207 172 0172

- By post: Christian Dior Couture, 30 avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris, France

Parfums Christian Dior

- By online form:
- By phone: +40 216550959

2 / You also have the right to contact the Dior lead data protection authority, the ICO (Information, Commissioner’s Office), at any time, in order to lodge a complaint against Dior's data protection and privacy practices.

The National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing
B-dul Magheru 28-30
Tel. +40 31 805 9211
Fax +40 31 805 9602

3 / We also wish to inform you about the contacts of other authorities in Europe that you can find and contact on the website of the European Data Protection Board:

Last update: 06/05/2022

Politica de confidentialitate

Casele Christian Dior Couture si Parfums Christian Dior acorda o importanta deosebita prelucrarii, confidentialitatii si securitatii datelor dumneavoastra cu caracter personal. Ne angajam sa va oferim servicii personalizate, respectand in acelasi timp confidentialitatea si alegerile personale.

Scopul acestei politici de confidentialitate (denumita in continuare „Declaratie”) este de a va informa intr-o maniera clara, simpla si completa despre prelucrarea efectuata asupra datelor cu caracter personal pe care ni le furnizati sau pe care fiecare dintre Casele noastre le poate colecta de la diferite punctele de contact pe care le puteti avea cu noi (de exemplu, magazin, asistenta pentru clienti,, retele sociale, aplicatii digitale, evenimente), posibilul transfer al acestora catre terti, precum si drepturile dumneavoastra si optiunile pe care le aveti pentru a va controla informatiile va protejeaza confidentialitatea, in conformitate cu reglementarile actuale.

In timpul experientei de shopping, si pentru a va informa din timp, veti trece de la Casa Christian Dior Couture la Casa Parfums Christian Dior sau invers. In functie de tipul de produs comandat, operatorul de date va fi fie Casa Christian Dior Couture, fie Casa Parfums Christian Dior, in sensul reglementarilor aplicabile datelor cu caracter personal si in special in ceea ce priveste articolul 24 din Regulamentul (UE) 2016/679 (denumit in continuare "GDPR").

Ca un exemplu, referindu-ne la cateva produse emblematice ale celor doua Case:

Casa Christian Dior Couture

- Geanta Lady Dior

- Geanta 30 Montaigne

- Jacheta Bar

Casa Parfums Christian Dior

- parfumul J’adore sau Sauvage

- produs de infrumusetare Dior Prestige

- produse Maquillage Dior Forever

Cele 7 angajamente cheie ale Christian Dior fata de dvs. si datele dvs. personale:

1. Christian Dior este angajat sa va respecte confidentialitatea si alegerile dvs., in special in ceea ce priveste comunicarile noastre comerciale

2. Christian Dior se angajeaza sa caute cea mai buna securitate si sa aplice standardele de protectie adecvate in sistemele sale

3. Christian Dior nu va vinde datele dvs

4. Christian Dior va lucra numai cu parteneri de incredere

5. Christian Dior este angajat in actualizarea notificarilor si politicilor sale de confidentialitate cat mai regulat posibil

6. Christian Dior se obliga sa raspunda solicitarilor dumneavoastra in masura posibilului si in termenele stabilite

7. Christian Dior este angajat sa aplice drepturile de protectie a datelor intr-un mod armonizat, indiferent de locatia dvs. in lume.

In aceasta Declaratie, veti gasi informatii referitoare la:

• Cine suntem?

• Ce date personale coletam despre dumneavoastra

• Cum colectam si cum receptionam datele personale ale dumneavoastra

• Care este scopul pentru folosirea datelor personale ale dumneavoastra

• Cat timp le pastram

• Cine sunt destinatarii datelor personale ale dumneavoastra

• Cum ii protejam si le asiguram confidentialitatea

• Cum tratam preferintele si drepturile dumneavoastra care decurg din Regulamentul European

• Protectiile suplimentare pe care le oferim rezidentilor din anumite regiuni

• Cum sa ne contactati daca aveti intrebari despre utilizarea de catre noi a datelor dumneavoastra cu caracter personal

• Modificarea acestei declaratii de confidentialitate

CINE suntem?

Casa Christian Dior Couture

Christian Dior Couture SA (sediu social), societate pe actiuni cu aplicabilitatea legislatiei franceze, cu sediul social situat la Franta, Paris 8, 30 avenue Montaigne, inregistrata la Registrul Comertului din Paris sub numarul 612 035 832 si reprezentata in mod legal de Hien Tran Trung, in calitate de Director Administrativ si financiar al Christian Dior Couture.

Si toti afiliatii Christian Dior Couture cu care impartasiti informatiile dumneavoastra.

Christian Dior Couture este o poveste despre vise si eleganta, pasiune si excelenta; este, de asemenea, o poveste despre know-how. Creatiile Christian Dior Couture exprima pasiunea pentru gesturi frumoase si obiecte exceptionale. De la haute couture la ready-to-wear, incluzand marochinarie, ceasornicarie si bijuterii, know-how-ul se transforma in arta de a face.

Casa Parfums Christian Dior

Parfums Christian Dior (sediu social), o societate infiintata si functionand conform legislatiei din Franta, cu sediul social situat in Franta, 75008 PARIS, BLD. HOCHE 33, inregistrat la Registrul Comertului si al Societatilor din Paris din sub nr. 552 065 187, reprezentata de Laurent Kleitman in calitate de Director de Management.

Si toti afiliatii Parfums Christian Dior carora le impartasim informatiile.

Parfums Christian Dior este o poveste de vise, glamour, creativitate si excelenta. Casa, care are o expertiza unica, este formata din profesionisti talentati si ambitiosi, care se angajeaza sa perpetueze mostenirea Dior si sa-si transmita pasiunea pentru frumos.

CE date personale coletam despre dumneavoastra?

„Date cu caracter personal” inseamna orice informatii care va identifica fie direct (cum ar fi numele dvs.), fie indirect (de exemplu, folosind un numar unic de client).

Datele cu caracter personal pe care le colectam depind de punctul de contact prin care interactionati cu noi, precum si de scopurile acestei interactiuni, asa cum sunt descrise in aceasta Declaratie si sunt, de asemenea, limitate la cele care sunt relevante si adecvate pentru aceasta interactiune. Vizitatorii site-ului care vizualizeaza produsele, informatiile si ofertele noastre pot alege sa faca acest lucru fara a se autentifica, iar acelasi lucru este valabil si pentru cautarea la punctul de vanzare si navigarea pe retelele sociale. Cu exceptia cazului in care alegeti sa interactionati cu noi prin intermediul acestor puncte de contact, de exemplu:

• prin crearea unui cont si conectarea la acesta

• prin efectuarea unei achizitii pe site-ul nostru

• prin abonarea la unul dintre programele noastre sau servicii

• scriindu-ne prin intermediul formularelor de contact pentru consumatori

• sau scriindu-ne un comentariu in campurile de comanda online gratuite

In caz contrar, colectarea noastra de date se limiteaza la utilizarea de "cookie-uri" (vizitatori) pentru vizitatorii site-ului, ale caror conditii sunt definite in mod specific de politica noastra privind cookie-urile si in functie de preferintele dumneavoastra. Din motive de transparenta si claritate, politica noastra de gestionare a modulelor cookie este separata de aceasta Declaratie. Politica de gestionare a modulelor cookie este accesibila aici.

In primul rand, pentru clienti si pentru altii care se inscriu pentru programe sau servicii, trebuie sa colectam anumite informatii relevante de la dvs. Informatiile pe care le colectam sunt legate de o anumita tranzactie, precum si in contextul relatiei noastre de afaceri cu dumneavoastra. De exemplu, daca faceti achizitii pe sau in punctele noastre de vanzare, trebuie sa colectam informatii pentru a procesa (si, daca este necesar, a executa si expedia) comanda dumneavoastra, pentru a asigura urmarirea si facturarea acesteia, pentru a fi in scopul de a raspunde oricaror intrebari de dupa vanzare pe care le puteti avea. Pentru clientii si pentru altii care se inscriu la programele sau serviciile noastre, colectam in general informatiile dvs. de contact, preferintele de contact si informatiile care ne permit sa va facem recomandari despre produsele sau serviciile noastre care ar putea fi de interes pentru dvs. Putem centraliza informatiile despre clientii nostri pentru a le organiza intr-un singur loc, deoarece acest lucru ne ajuta sa gestionam relatia noastra cu dvs., precum si alegerile si preferintele dvs. In cele din urma, daca va abonati la newsletter-ul nostru personalizat, colectam adresa dvs. de e-mail.

In functie de datele pe care ni le comunicati sau pe care ni le partajati, datele personale pot include informatii referitoare la:

• Identitatea si datele dumneavoastra de contact: nume, prenume, adresa postala, adresa de e-mail, numar de telefon

• Interesele dumneavoastra

• Un istoric al achizitiilor dvs. (in magazin sau online, inclusiv comenzile, urmarirea si facturile, suma si tipul achizitiei) si reparatiile dvs.

• Solicitarile dumneavoastra prin intermediul serviciului nostru de asistenta pentru clienti sau al serviciului nostru de relatii publice

• Evenimentele Dior la care participati

• Marimea si preferintele dvs. stilistice (numai pentru Christian Dior Couture)

• Data nasterii dumneavoastra pentru a beneficia de ofertele Ziua de nastere eligibile conform programului dumneavoastra

• Satisfactia si comentariile dumneavoastra cu privire la programele, serviciile si produsele noastre

• Informatiile pe care le specificati sunt legate de posibilele efecte nedorite pe care ni le puteti raporta (numai pentru Parfums Christian Dior)

• Publicatiile dumneavoastra si mentiunile despre produsele noastre pe retelele sociale

In ceea ce priveste achizitiile dumneavoastra, platile se efectueaza prin intermediul unei platforme de plata securizate, completate de masuri de control, inclusiv criptarea datelor de contact, pentru a garanta securitatea achizitiilor efectuate si pentru a lupta impotriva fraudei. De aceea, detaliile dumneavoastra bancare nu sunt accesibile pe serverele Dior.

Va invitam sa va asigurati ca datele dumneavoastra sunt actualizate in mod regulat, fie modificandu-le direct pe site-urile noastre, fie informandu-ne in scris cu privire la orice modificare, cu referire la sectiunea dedicata „Cum ne puteti contacta”.

CUM colectam si cum receptionam datele personale ale dumneavoastra?

Ca parte a relatiilor noastre, datele pe care le colectam pot fi colectate prin urmatoarele puncte de contact:

• Navigare pe

• Schimburi cu consilierii nostri in magazinele Dior, precum si punctele de vanzare din magazinele universale

• Evenimente Dior la care participati

• Relatia cu serviciile noastre de relatii publice

• Contact cu serviciul de asistenta pentru clienti

• Formulare pe care le completati

• Aplicatii digitale cu care interactionati

• Furnizori de date terte cu care partajati informatii

• Comerciantii pentru care sunteti de acord sa primiti comunicarile noastre

• Sondaje de satisfactie sau chestionare la care raspundeti

• Publicatii/mentiuni pe retelele de socializare

Ne asiguram ca identificam datele personale esentiale pentru scopul pentru care sunt colectate, indicandu-le cu un asterisc precum acesta „(*)” pe fiecare formular de colectare a datelor cu caracter personal. Daca nu completati aceste campuri obligatorii, nu vom putea raspunde solicitarilor dumneavoastra si/sau va vom oferi serviciile solicitate. Celelalte informatii sunt optionale si ne permit sa va cunoastem mai bine si sa imbunatatim comunicatiile si serviciile noastre pentru dvs. Desi nu este obligatoriu, va recomandam sa le completati pentru a va permite sa beneficiati de cea mai buna experienta posibila in timpul interactiunilor noastre cu dvs.

In timpul procesului de achizitie, veti putea alege intre i) conectarea la contul Dior existent, ii) crearea unui cont nou sau iii) plata in calitate de invitat (sau, de asemenea, numit Guest Check out). Aceasta ultima experienta de cumparare este astfel rezumata dupa cum urmeaza.

Plata cumparaturilor in calitate de Invitat se refera la posibilitatea pentru orice client sau potential client Dior de a face o achizitie in magazinul nostru online fara a se conecta la un cont. Informatiile dumneavoastra sunt colectate pentru procesul de plata si livrare a articolelor sau pentru Dior in vederea respectarii legilor aplicabile. De asemenea, informatiile dumneavoastra pot fi utilizate in scopuri analitice de catre Dior si in scopuri de comunicare prin intermediul canalului sau preferat (de exemplu: trimiterea prin e-mail a unui buletin informativ general referitor la noutatile din Casele noastre, pentru care aveti dreptul de a va opune). Pentru mai multe informatii cu privire la aceste scopuri, va rugam sa consultati sectiunea de mai jos, la rubrica "Scopuri de analiza si personalizare".

CARE ESTE SCOPUL pentru folosirea datelor personale ale dumneavoastra de catre Dior ?

Suntem obligati sa folosim datele dumneavoastra in scopuri definite in functie de natura relatiilor noastre. Astfel, in functie de contextul in care sunt colectate datele dumneavoastra, acestea pot fi utilizate in unul sau mai multe dintre urmatoarele scopuri:

• Gestionarea comenzilor dumneavoastra

• Managementul continutului personalizat si comunicatiilor Dior (digitale sau nu)

• Gestionarea profilului dvs. de client (de exemplu, pentru a va simplifica navigarea prin diferitele piete de pe site-ul nostru: daca navigati catre o alta piata, contul dvs. de client va fi duplicat automat pe acea piata. Acest lucru inseamna ca nu va fi necesar sa creati un nou cont de client)

• Gestionarea cererilor dumneavoastra in legatura cu Dior

• Gestionarea evenimentelor la care va inregistrati/participati

• Gestionarea alertelor pe care ni le trimiteti ca parte a obligatiilor noastre de cosmetovigilenta (doar pentru produsele Parfums Christian Dior)

• Gestionarea site-ului si a aplicatiilor noastre digitale

• Gestionarea si imbunatatirea produselor si serviciilor noastre, a imaginii si a reputatiei

• Managementul tranzactiilor (securizarea platilor online, prevenirea fraudei, incidente legate de plati si datorii)

• Promovarea Casei noastre pe retelele sociale

• Trimiterea unui newsletter generic: aveti dreptul de a va opune daca nu mai doriti sa il primiti

• Scopuri de analiza:

> analiza performantelor brandului nostru pe retelele de socializare pentru a realiza analize statistice (studii de rezultate pe piata, influenta brandului si analiza campaniilor implementate).

> analizeaza-ti preferintele si obiceiurile, anticipeaza-ti nevoile din profilul tau de consumator si din publicatiile/mentiunile tale de pe retelele de socializare.

> experienta personalizata a clientului: va putem oferi comunicari personalizate prin e-mail, posta, SMS sau apeluri pe baza preferintelor de comunicare pe care le-ati indicat si a profilului dvs. de consumator (acolo unde este permis) aici catre channel preference manager daca aveti un cont de client, altfel sau puteti contacta serviciul nostru pentru clienti (consultati sectiunea „cum ne contactati”). Cu consimtamantul dumneavoastra gratuit, specific, informat si neechivoc (acolo unde este necesar), folosim datele dumneavoastra cu caracter personal pentru a va trimite comunicari personalizate bazate pe interesele dumneavoastra (buletine informative, oferte, invitatii si sondaje).

In ultimele doua interactiuni („analiza preferintelor si obiceiurilor” si „oferirea unei experiente personalizate pentru client”), atunci cand trimitem comunicari sau continut personalizat, este posibil sa folosim asa-numitele tehnici de profilare. Din motive de transparenta in cadrul acestei Declaratii, profilarea este definita ca orice tip de prelucrare automata a datelor cu caracter personal care consta in utilizarea acestor date cu caracter personal pentru a evalua anumite aspecte personale referitoare la o persoana fizica, in special pentru a analiza sau prezice elemente legate de preferintele, interesele, comportamentul sau locatia acelei persoane fizice. In aceste circumstante, aveti dreptul de opozitie, adica dreptul de a va retrage consimtamantul.

Asiguram baza legala pentru prelucrarea datelor dumneavoastra in functie de scopul (scopurile) vizat(e), care poate fi, in functie de contextul in care sunt colectate:

• Consimtamantul dumneavoastra explicit: de exemplu, in scopul gestionarii ofertelor noastre comerciale personalizate, gestionarea navigarii dvs. prin intermediul cookie-urilor in conditiile definite de Politica noastra privind cookie-urile sau al stabilirii profilului dumneavoastra de consumator in cazurile aplicabile

• Implementarea unui contract, de exemplu pentru accesul dumneavoastra la contul dumneavoastra de client, procesarea si urmarirea comenzilor dumneavoastra...

• O obligatie legala atunci cand procesarea este impusa de lege, de exemplu, pastrarea facturilor de achizitie pentru a preveni frauda

• Interesul nostru legitim: de exemplu, pentru a ne imbunatati produsele si serviciile, pentru a ne apara, pentru a ne securiza instrumentele sau pentru a ne perfectiona cunostintele despre clienti prin intermediul instrumentelor partenerilor nostri terti si, in special, pentru a:

o pentru a defini profilul personalizat al clientilor nostri pe baza intereselor acestora si pentru a le oferi oferte relevante din partea marcii noastre pe alte site-uri web;

o sa identificam audientele care sunt similare cu publicul nostru tinta (pentru a livra ofertele noastre catre audiente de persoane care au similitudini cu profilurile clientilor nostri).

CAT TIMP le pastram?

Va rugam sa retineti ca prezentele Case Parfum Christian Dior si Christian Dior Couture sunt entitati independente, iar fiecare casa are propria baza de date a clientilor. In cazul in care sunteti client al ambelor Case Dior si datele dumneavoastra sunt sterse, fie ca urmare a unei cereri de stergere din partea dumneavoastra, fie ca parte a obligatiei noastre de a sterge datele dupa o anumita perioada de pastrare, de catre una dintre Casele Dior si nu de catre cealalta, site-ul nostru de comert electronic, care este partajat de catre Casele Dior, va poate recunoaste atunci cand va creati un cont nou. Daca, de exemplu, doriti sa va stergeti datele din partea Parfum si Couture, trebuie sa contactati ambele Case. (A se vedea sectiunea "CUM sa ne contactati?" pentru detalii de contact)

Pastram datele dumneavoastra personale numai pentru timpul necesar scopului urmarit. In general, datele dumneavoastra cu caracter personal sunt stocate in baza noastra de date, dupa cum se arata mai jos:

Pentru Casa Christian Dior Couture:

• Date cu caracter personal: Orice tip de client (avand un profil de Client sau orice Invitat).

Durata: 10 ani de la data ultimei interactiuni de cumparare.

• Persoana vizata: Prospectul

Durata: 3 ani de la data colectarii datelor

Specificitate: Aceasta perioada va fi reinnoita de fiecare data cand interactionati cu Christian Dior Couture (de exemplu, participarea la un eveniment) sau consimtamantul dumneavoastra de a continua sa interactionati la sfarsitul acestei perioade

• Persoana vizata: Serviciul de asistenta pentru clienti (de exemplu: apeluri pentru asistenta, reclamatii sau informatii)

Durata: durata prelucrarii cererii sau maximum 30 de zile

• Persoana vizata: Interlocutori privilegiati (de exemplu, agenti, stilisti, manageri de celebritati, artisti) in legatura cu serviciile de relatii publice Christian Dior Couture Public Relations

Durata: 10 ani de la data primului contact

Specificitate: Aceasta perioada va fi reinnoita de fiecare data cand interactionati cu Christian Dior Couture (de exemplu, o cerere de informatii despre Casa Christian Dior Couture)

Pentru Casa Parfums Christian Dior:

• Persoana vizata: Client obisnuit (spre exemplu: avand un profil de client)

Durata: 5 ani de la data primei achizitii sau crearea contului

Specific: aceasta perioada va fi reinnoita de fiecare data cand interactionati cu Parfums Christian Dior (de exemplu, o achizitie sau o actualizare a profilului dvs.) sau acordul dvs. de a continua sa interactionati la sfarsitul acestei perioade.

• Persoana vizata: Potential client

Durata: 3 ani de la data colectarii datelor

Specific: Aceasta perioada va fi reinnoita de fiecare data cand interactionati cu Parfums Christian Dior (spre exemplu, participarea la un eveniment) sau acordul dvs. de a continua sa interactionati la sfarsitul acestei perioade.

• Persoana vizata: Client "Invitat" (care nu are un cont de Client).

Durata: 5 ani de la data primei achizitii

Specificitate: Aceasta perioada va fi reinnoita de fiecare data cand interactionati cu Parfums Christian Dior (de exemplu, o achizitie).

• Persoana vizata: serviciul pentru clienti (spre exemplu: sesizari sau informari)

Durata: durata de procesare a cererii plus 5 ani. Pentru exercitarea drepturilor, conform GDPR, cererea se pastreaza pe durata tratarii acesteia plus 6 ani

• Persoana vizata: cosmetovigilenta

Durata: durata procesarii cererii plus 10 ani in arhiva

• Persoana vizata: Interlocutori privilegiati (de exemplu agenti, stilisti, jurnalisti, manageri de celebritati, artisti) in relatie cu serviciile de relatii publice cu Casa Parfums Christian Dior

Durata: 10 ani de la data primului dumneavoastra contact

Specific: Aceasta perioada va fi reinnoita de fiecare data cand interactionati cu Parfums Christian Dior (de exemplu, o solicitare de informatii despre Parfums Christian Dior)

Atunci cand nu mai trebuie sa utilizam datele dumneavoastra cu caracter personal, acestea sunt sterse din sistemele noastre si registrele noastre sau anonimizate, astfel incat sa nu mai poata fi identificate, supuse pastrarii in scopuri de arhiva. gestionarea reclamatiilor si litigiilor precum si pentru a ne indeplini obligatiile legale si/sau reglementare si/sau pentru a raspunde solicitarilor din partea autoritatilor abilitate sa faca cererea.

CINE va poate accesa datele?

Datele dumneavoastra sunt destinate serviciilor Casei Parfums Christian Dior vizate de solicitarile dumneavoastra. Ne asiguram ca numai persoanele autorizate in mod corespunzator pot accesa datele dumneavoastra cu caracter personal atunci cand acest lucru este necesar pentru scopurile mentionate mai sus.

Nu impartasim datele dumneavoastra catre terti parti in scopuri comerciale.

Suntem obligati sa comunicam informatiile numai daca este necesar si, daca este posibil, intr-o forma care nu permite identificarea directa catre:

• Alte entitati Dior, precum si magazine universale de unde cumparati produsele noastre pentru a va oferi servicii personalizate identice in intreaga lume

• Furnizorii nostri terti de incredere, inclusiv alte entitati ale grupului LVMH, care actioneaza ca subcontractanti conform instructiunilor noastre si numai in numele nostru

De exemplu, incredintam anumite servicii unor terti parti responsabili cu livrarea unui produs catre dvs., furnizorilor de servicii de plata si securitatea tranzactiilor impotriva fraudei, tertilor care ne asista in organizarea evenimentelor noastre, tertilor care furnizeaza servicii IT, comunicare digitala si relatii publice agentii, terti care ne asista in asistenta clientilor, terti care ne asista in sondaje calitative ale produselor, programelor sau serviciilor noastre.

• Terte parti, inclusiv grupul LVMH, care doresc sa cunoasca preferintele si tendintele dvs. de consum pentru programele si serviciile noastre pentru a imbunatati vizibilitatea, accesibilitatea si performanta

• Partenerii nostri terti de incredere ne ajuta in gestionarea comenzilor dumneavoastra. In special, incredintam anumite servicii unor terte parti responsabili cu livrarea unui produs catre dvs., furnizorilor de servicii de plata si furnizorilor care asigura securitatea tranzactiilor antifrauda.

Cateva exemple cheie sunt enumerate mai jos:

- comenzi si livrari DHL (livrare), BlueLink (gestionare call center), FluentCommerce (gestionare comenzi si stoc) si orice alt furnizor de servicii in gestionare

- Managementul comertului electronic SMILE (gazda site-ului web), CapGemini (solutie de comert electronic), Salesforce (gestionarea profilurilor clientilor) si orice alt furnizor de servicii in gestionarea experientei de cumparaturi in comert electronic.

- Securitatea platilor si a tranzactiilor Cybersource (securizarea tranzactiilor impotriva fraudei comertului electronic), PayPal (furnizor de servicii de plata), OneyTrust (securizarea tranzactiilor impotriva fraudei in comertul electronic) si orice alt furnizor de servicii de plata, verificare sau furnizor de servicii bancare

Va rugam sa retineti ca acesti parteneri pot actiona ca operatori de date; in acest caz, au propriile politici de confidentialitate. Ilustram cateva exemple in lista de mai jos:

•Tertele parti care doresc sa va cunoasca interesele pentru a putea construi audiente similare si pentru a viza prospectii care corespund profilului dumneavoastra. In contextul acestei prelucrari specifice, acesti parteneri pot reutiliza datele cu caracter personal puse la dispozitia lor pentru a efectua o targetare autonoma si distincta in scopuri de prospectare comerciala, pentru care sunt responsabili si raspund de obligatiile lor legale si de reglementare.

Va rugam sa retineti ca, in contextul reutilizarii, acesti parteneri actioneaza in calitate de operatori de date. Prin urmare, ar trebui sa consultati propriile lor politici de confidentialitate.Ilustram mai jos cateva exemple:
- Facebook ( Politici de confidentialitate accesibile aici
- Google ( Politici de confidentialitate accesibile aici
- Instagram ( Politici de confidentialitate accesibile aici

• Terte parti care efectueaza statistici privind performanta noastra pe retelele sociale in numele nostru

• Terte parti in cazul unei schimbari a controlului sau a statutului sau a numelui companiei, din motive legale sau cu acordul dumneavoastra prealabil

• Terte parti, cum ar fi IAS (International Accreditation Service), care ne ajuta, de exemplu, sa aflam rata de expunere a formatelor create de noi. Pentru mai multe informatii, politica lor de confidentialitate este disponibila aici

• Autoritatile publice in cadrul functiilor si misiunilor lor de interes public, cum ar fi stabilirea, exercitarea sau apararea drepturilor legale;

De asemenea, puteti alege sa dezvaluiti datele dumneavoastra personale partenerilor, agentilor de publicitate si afiliatilor nostri, urmand un link catre si de pe site-urile lor web. Va rugam sa retineti ca aceste site-uri isi aplica propria politica de confidentialitate.

Va putem oferi, de asemenea, posibilitatea de a utiliza datele de conectare la retelele sociale. Va rugam sa retineti ca, in acest caz, ne impartasiti informatiile de profil. Datele personale partajate depind de configuratia platformei retelei sociale. Va rugam sa retineti ca aceste retele sociale isi aplica propria politica de confidentialitate.

CUM protejam si asiguram confidentialitatea datelor dumneavoastra?

Luam toate masurile de precautie necesare pentru a garanta confidentialitatea si securitatea datelor dumneavoastra si pentru a preveni denaturarea, deteriorarea, distrugerea acestora sau de la terti neautorizati care au acces la acestea.

Solicitam partenerilor nostri si companiilor din grup sa mentina un nivel de protectie similar cu al nostru in ceea ce priveste datele dumneavoastra cu caracter personal. Masurile de securitate puse in aplicare sunt evaluate si actualizate pentru a face fata noilor amenintari si noilor provocari, precum si noilor cerinte legale in tarile in care activam.

CUM procesam fluxurile de date transfrontaliere?

Avand in vedere prezenta Dior in multe tari din intreaga lume si pentru a va oferi servicii personalizate in intreaga lume, unele dintre datele dumneavoastra pot fi colectate, accesibile sau stocate in afara tarii dumneavoastra de resedinta. Trebuie sa stiti ca cerintele privind protectia datelor si securitatea difera de la un loc la altul si este posibil sa nu ofere acelasi nivel de protectie ca cele din tara dvs. de origine. Cu toate acestea, Dior si companiile din grupul nostru au luat masuri pentru a garanta un nivel adecvat de protectie a datelor dumneavoastra, indiferent de locatia acestora, de exemplu prin utilizarea clauzelor standard de transfer de date, sau a oricarei alte metode aprobate de Comisia Europeana (in cazul in care protectia datelor legislatia este considerata a fi cea mai eficienta din lume) si/sau Autoritatile Nationale pentru Protectia Datelor. De asemenea, solicitam partenerilor nostri terti sa respecte obligatiile aplicabile de transfer de date, de exemplu prin clauze contractuale, cu privire la datele personale pe care le primesc in numele nostru.

In acest context:

- Christian Dior Couture si toate filialele sale au incheiat un Acord de prelucrare si transfer de date cu caracter personal.

- Parfums Christian Dior si toti afiliatii sai au incheiat un Acord de Prelucrare si Transfer de Date

- In cazuri si roluri specifice, Christian Dior Couture si Parfums Christian Dior au incheiat un Acord de prelucrare si transfer de date.

CUM sunt tratate preferintele consumatorilor si drepturile individuale?

In conformitate cu legile si cerintele aplicabile, Dior si companiile din grupul sau au pus in aplicare masuri pentru a garanta respectarea drepturilor persoanelor cu privire la datele personale pe care noi (sau tertii nostri) le avem despre acestea. Aceasta include, de exemplu, dreptul de a cunoaste datele pe care le detinem despre dumneavoastra sau de a obtine o copie, precum si drepturile limitate de a va modifica datele, de a solicita stergerea sau de a va opune prelucrarii datelor dumneavoastra. Ii incurajam pe cei care ne-au oferit datele lor sa le tina la zi (de exemplu, daca va schimbati adresa de e-mail, adresa sau numarul de telefon), astfel incat sa pastram informatiile corecte in fisierele noastre. De asemenea, incurajam consumatorii sa-si actualizeze preferintele cu noi, de exemplu in ceea ce priveste produsele si frecventa de contact, astfel incat sa putem personaliza serviciul nostru pentru a se potrivi asteptarilor si nevoilor dumneavoastra. In cele din urma, oferim persoanelor fizice dreptul de a-si retrage consimtamantul de la programele si ofertele noastre in orice moment. Pentru a face acest lucru sau pentru a exercita oricare dintre aceste alte drepturi, va rugam sa utilizati sau posibilitatile de contact din sectiunea „Cum ne puteti contacta” de mai jos. Pentru persoanele care doresc sa isi acceseze datele, avem nevoie si de autentificare pentru a ne asigura ca nu furnizam date personale unei persoane neautorizate.

CE protectii suplimentare sunt oferite rezidentilor din anumite regiuni?

Dior a adoptat practicile de protectie si securitate a datelor descrise in aceasta Declaratie pentru toate persoanele vizate. In plus, am identificat si luat in considerare masurile de protectie si securitate a datelor necesare la nivel local sau regional. Acestea includ, de exemplu, cele cerute pentru rezidentii Uniunii Europene/Spatiului Economic European conform Regulamentului general al UE privind protectia datelor (GDPR) 2016/679.

In special, GDPR ofera urmatoarele drepturi:

• Dreptul la informare: aveti dreptul de a obtine informatii clare, transparente si usor de inteles despre modul in care folosim datele dumneavoastra cu caracter personal si despre drepturile dumneavoastra. Veti gasi toate aceste informatii in aceasta Declaratie

• Dreptul de acces: aveti dreptul de a accesa datele personale pe care Dior le detine despre dumneavoastra

• Dreptul de rectificare: aveti dreptul de a obtine rectificarea datelor dumneavoastra personale daca sunt inexacte sau invechite si/sau de a le completa daca sunt incomplete

• Dreptul la stergere / dreptul de a fi uitate: aveti dreptul la eliminarea sau stergerea datelor dvs. Cu toate acestea, acest drept poate fi limitat de un motiv legal sau de interesul nostru legitim de a pastra datele dumneavoastra cu caracter personal

• Dreptul de opozitie: puteti solicita in orice moment sa nu mai primiti comunicarile noastre referitoare la ofertele, stirile si evenimentele noastre. Puteti utiliza in special linkul hypertext furnizat in acest scop in fiecare e-mail sau comunicare pe care vi le trimitem. De asemenea, puteti solicita sa primiti comunicari nepersonalizate despre produsele si serviciile noastre

• Dreptul de retragere: consimtamant in orice moment pentru prelucrarea datelor pe baza consimtamantului: va puteti retrage consimtamantul referitor la prelucrarea de catre noi a datelor dumneavoastra atunci cand aceasta prelucrare se bazeaza pe consimtamant

• Dreptul la portabilitatea datelor: aveti dreptul de a muta, copia sau transfera date din baza noastra de date in alta. Acest drept se aplica numai datelor pe care le-ati furnizat si cu conditia ca prelucrarea sa se bazeze pe un contract sau pe consimtamantul dumneavoastra si sa fie efectuata folosind procese automate

Daca doriti sa contactati Dior cu privire la exercitarea drepturilor dumneavoastra, va rugam sa va adresati Casei Parfum Christian Dior si/sau Casei Christian Dior Couture, in functie de Casa de care apartineti. Parfum Christian Dior si Christian Dior Couture sunt doua Case independente si isi gestion