Legal Terms and Conditions





These are the General Terms of Sale of Christian Dior, a corporation having its registered office at 501 Orchard Road #08-01, Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880, and is registered with Companies Registry under the Company Number 199507284K; Email: (hereinafter “Christian Dior Couture” or “we” and “us” and “our” shall be construed accordingly).


Christian Dior Couture creates, designs, manufactures and sells men’s, women’s, and children's haute couture and ready-to wear items, fashion accessories, shoes, lifestyle products, watches, and fine jewelry worldwide bearing Christian Dior Couture labels, such as: Christian Dior, Dior, Baby Dior, Dior Joaillerie, Dior Maison, and CD (together, the “Christian Dior Couture Items”).


To better meet our customers’ expectations, in addition to our stores and distribution network, Christian Dior Couture has created a system for making distance sales of a selection of Christian Dior Couture Items (hereinafter the “Items”) by telephone and via internet.


1. Scope and acceptance of the General Terms of Sale


These General Terms of Sale apply to all distance sales of Items made:


(a)   by phone through the customer care department set up by Christian Dior Couture and described in Term 2.1 of these General Terms of Sale (hereinafter “Customer Care”), and


(b)   via the Christian Dior Couture website identified by the domain name “” and “” (hereinafter the “Site”).


The Items are sold to individuals (hereinafter the “Customer(s)” or “you” and “your” shall be construed accordingly) for your own personal purposes, unrelated to any commercial activity.


You therefore confirm that you are acting as a consumer and do not intend to, and will not resell the Items for commercial purposes.


You also certify that you have legal capacity to agree to these General Terms of Sale.


Every time you purchase an Item or Items on the Site, you must indicate that you agree to the applicable Christian Dior Couture General Terms of Sale and Privacy Policy (hereinafter the “Privacy Policy”) by clicking “Pay”. You may view these documents before and at the time of confirming your purchase.


Christian Dior Couture may update and modify these General Terms of Sale. The terms that apply to Item sales are those that are in effect at the time your order is placed.


For further information on how Christian Dior Couture processes and uses the personal data we collect on the Site and/or by phone, please read the Privacy Policy.


2. Information about orders


You may place orders by phone or on the Site.


2.1 Orders placed by phone with Customer Care


You may place phone orders by calling Customer Care at +65 1 800 415 9990 from Monday to Sunday from 10am to 10pm.


You are entering into a sale contract for any order you place by phone. The sale contract is deemed to have been formed at the time specified in Term 2.2.5 below.


2.2 Orders placed through the Site


2.2.1 Selection of Items by Customers


Special orders such as orders for customised items, unique pieces, etc. (not including personalisation) cannot be placed through the Site. If you wish to order special items, please come to one of our stores.


On the Site, you may select, enter, and confirm the designation and quantity of the Items you wish to order and the Items are added to your "Cart”. Quantities are limited as per Term 4 below.


2.2.2 Identification


Once you have completed your selection and are ready to confirm the contents of your Cart, you may either:


(a)   log in to your Customer account (hereinafter the “Account”), or


(b)   continue as a “guest”


You may also log in before selecting any Items.


If you already have an Account, you must log in with your email address and password.


If you do not yet have an Account, you may create one by entering your name, street address, email address, and telephone number when you place your order. Your Account will be live once confirmed by Christian Dior Couture via a confirmation email.


You cannot change your address once an order has been placed.


Your login and password are strictly personal. You must keep them secure and not disclose them to a third party. You must inform Christian Dior Couture immediately in the event of the loss or theft of your login and/or password or any fraudulent use of your Account.


Christian Dior Couture is not liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by fraudulent access to your Account or to the Site, or for the inability to access your Account or the Site.


2.2.3 Placing orders


You must choose the delivery method and provide all the information required to ship the order, including:


(a)   email address,


(b)   first and last name,


(c)   delivery address,


(g)   telephone number,


(h)   delivery method,


(l)    payment method and payment information.


If an order is a gift, you may include a card with a personal message.


Once you have entered and validated the above information, the price of the Items (as defined in Term 5 below), as well as any delivery costs and the estimated delivery date will be displayed automatically.


You must verify that your selection is correct before confirming your order.


It will be your responsibility to provide correct and accurate information. To help our Customers spot any errors, Christian Dior Couture provides technical verification means in the form of a standard verification summary check (which verifies whether all the required fields have been filled and whether the characters that were entered are appropriate for the field in question).


By clicking “Proceed to Checkout”, you are placing a firm order for the Item or Items in your Cart. Please read these General Terms of Sale and the Privacy Policy carefully before submitting your order to us, and then proceed by clicking on “Place Order”.


2.2.4 Confirmation of your order by Christian Dior Couture


Once you have completed the steps described in Term 2.2.3 above, you will receive an order acknowledgement email.


The order acknowledgement email confirms that we have received your order, but does not constitute acceptance of your order (unless expressly indicated otherwise).


The acknowledgement of receipt of your order includes the order number, the total amount of the order, delivery cost and delivery date information, and the key features, quantity, and price of the Item(s) purchased. The acknowledgement of receipt also includes a link to the General Terms of Sale.


2.2.5 Formation of sale contract


The sale contract between us and you is deemed to have been formed:


(a)   If you pay with a credit card, when your card is debited as provided in Term 6, even if your card is debited before your order is shipped or before acceptance of your order is expressed in any other way.


(b)   If you pay via PayPal or Apple Pay as provided in Term 6.2, when you confirm your order on the PayPal or Apple Pay.


2.3 Proof of order


In general, you and Christian Dior Couture expressly agree that emails and the automatic recording systems used by Customer Care will be treated as proof of your order, in particular, the content and date of your order.


If you place an order through the Site, you must keep a copy (electronic or paper) of your order information.


3. Item availability


Christian Dior Couture reserves the right to change the Item(s) offered on the Site at any time and without prior notice. Such changes will not affect orders that have already been placed.


Before you place an order, Customer Care (for phone orders) or the Site’s information page describing each Item will tell you whether or not the Item is available.


If, despite Christian Dior Couture's reasonable efforts in this regard, you ordered Items that are no longer available, or are out of stock, Christian Dior Couture will inform you as soon as possible by phone or email. You will receive a full refund for the purchase price of the unavailable Item or Items and any applicable delivery costs.


4. Non-acceptance of order


Purchases made on the Site or by phone are solely for the Customers’ own use (or for gifts), not for resale.


Christian Dior Couture may refuse or cancel any order that:


(a)   we reasonably believe is not for the Customers’ own use (or for gifts);


(b)   we reasonably believe to be fraudulent; and/or


(c)   exceeds the following purchase limits: (i) two (2) identical handbags ordered within thirty (30) calendar days, and/or (ii) four (4) identical Items ordered within thirty (30) calendar days.


The purchase limits indicated in the previous paragraph do not apply to Items in the Home and Men’s Timeless categories (Men’s “Ready-to-Wear”, i.e., suits and tuxedos, suit jackets, shirts, and trousers; and Men's “Accessories”, i.e., belts, ties, bow ties, pocket handkerchiefs, cuff links, and button covers).


Christian Dior Couture may also cancel any order (i) made by a Customer with whom there is a dispute related to the payment or delivery of a previous order, or (ii) that does not comply with these General Terms of Sale.


If Christian Dior Couture finds that your order does not comply with these General Terms of Sale, we will notify you directly on the Site, by phone or email. If you do not correct the information in your order that is incorrect or contrary to these General Terms of Sale within fourteen (14) calendar days of receiving such notification, Christian Dior Couture may cancel the order.


If your order is cancelled in accordance with this clause, the corresponding payment for the order will also be cancelled, and you will receive a full refund of the amount paid for your order, including any applicable delivery costs.


5. Item prices - Billing


Prices are indicated by Customer Care or displayed on the Site in Singapore Dollars and do not include any applicable delivery charges (if any), which are displayed separately before the order is placed.


The prices billed are the prices in effect on the date of the order, provided the ordered Item(s) are available at that time.


Christian Dior Couture reserves the right to change the prices of the Item(s) at any time and without prior notice, but such changes will not apply to any orders you have already placed.


You will receive written confirmation of the price paid for each Item and your delivery costs no later than at the time of delivery.


6. Payment


6.1 Payment by Credit Card


You may pay for your purchases by credit card. Visa©, MasterCard©, American Express© and Apple Pay© are accepted. We accept international credit cards.


To use these payment methods when ordering by phone, you must confirm to Customer Care and guarantee to Christian Dior Couture that you are the licensed cardholder of the credit card used to pay for the order and that the first and last name on that card are yours. You must also provide the credit card number, expiration date, and security code shown on the card when ordering by phone.


By providing your credit card number and/or bank details to Christian Dior Couture by phone or on the Site, you unconditionally agree that Christian Dior Couture may proceed with the secure transaction and pre-authorize your bank to debit your account upon receipt of the records or statements sent by Christian Dior Couture, even in the absence of receipts signed by the cardholder.


6.2 Payment via PayPal


Christian Dior Couture accepts payment via PayPal.


When you are submitting your order, choose the PayPal payment option. You will be redirected automatically to the PayPal platform.


You must then connect to your PayPal account using your login and password. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can create one at this time. After submitting your order with PayPal, you will be redirected to the Site’s confirmation page.


The order will be shipped only after the payment method has been verified, authorization to debit your card or confirmation from PayPal has been received, and your order’s compliance with these General Terms of Sale and the availability of the Item(s) has been confirmed.


7. Delivery


Items may only be ordered from the Site or by phone with Customer Care for delivery to addresses within Singapore. If you want to order an Item and have it delivered outside Singapore, you must place your order on the relevant Site of that country (if there is one). 


For security reasons, Christian Dior Couture will not process any order for which the delivery or billing address is a PO box, courier lockers or freight forwarders.


After payment of the order has been processed, the Items will be delivered to the delivery address you indicate when ordering. You must ensure that this delivery address is accurate.


Once your payment has been received, the ordered Items will be delivered:


(1) on the date or within the timeframe Christian Dior Couture indicated to you before your order was confirmed or, if no timeframe was given, no later than thirty (30) days from the order date unless there is a delay outside of our control;


(2) if that Item is temporarily unavailable, within the timeframe you were informed of and that you accepted (i) when you placed your order by phone with Customer Care, or (ii) when you added that Item to your Cart on the Site, as well as before your order was accepted.


Depending on the option you select, Christian Dior Couture will ship the ordered Items by express courier with proof of personal delivery.


Our Express delivery services are offered free of charge.


If delivery of the Items is delayed by an event beyond Christian Dior Couture's control, you will be contacted as soon as possible after Christian Dior Couture becomes aware of this delay by phone or email, and reasonable steps will be taken to mitigate the effects of the delay. Provided Christian Dior Couture makes our best efforts to reduce the delay, we will not be liable for the delay caused by the event. However, if there is a risk of significant delay, you may contact Christian Dior Couture to cancel the contract and obtain a full refund for any Item that you have paid for but have not yet received.


If our nominated delivery provider is unable to deliver (after 2 unsuccessful attempts) and the package is returned to the Christian Dior Couture warehouse with the indication “No Longer At This Address”, Christian Dior Couture will attempt to contact you twice in the four (4) weeks following receipt of the package at the warehouse. If you do not reply or contact us within those four (4) weeks, Christian Dior Couture will refund the order and send an email confirmation to you at the address you provided when placing the order.


8. Privacy protection


For more information on how we use the personal data we collect from you through the Site or by phone, please read our Privacy Policy.


9. Ownership of Items


Christian Dior Couture will own the Items until you or the intended recipient receives the Item(s).


You shall not resell any Items before this time unless Christian Dior Couture has provided our prior written consent.


10. Intellectual Property Rights


You may not directly or indirectly reproduce, represent, or adapt the Site, in whole or in part, in any form whatsoever. Any intellectual property rights pertaining to any Christian Dior Couture product or element (including Christian Dior Couture Items), such as trademarks, illustrations, photos, images, designs, and logos, whether registered or not, is and will remain the exclusive property of Christian Dior Couture.


Any total or partial reproduction, downloading, modification, or use of Christian Dior Couture's trademarks, illustrations, images, photos, logos, or designs for any reason and on any medium whatsoever is strictly prohibited without Christian Dior Couture’s express prior written consent.


Similarly, any use that does not comply with the license to use the Site and, in particular the use of any of the Site’s components (Items presented, descriptions, prices, data, software, graphics, images, texts, photographs, tools, etc.) for sale or any other direct or indirect commercial use is strictly prohibited without Christian Dior Couture’s express prior written consent.


11. Our returns and exchange policy


Subject to this clause and Term 12 below, Christian Dior Couture gives you thirty (30) calendar days to return the Items you bought on the Site or by phone, and receive a full refund; or to exchange the Items you bought on the Site or by phone.


You may return or exchange an item through the Site or to a Christian Dior Couture store, in accordance with Terms 11.1 to 11.5 below.


11.1 Conditions for return and exchange


(a)   you may not return for change of mind personalised, customised, or made to order items;


(b)   Christian Dior may refuse to exchange more than two (2) successive orders for change of mind;


(c)   you may not make two exchanges for the same order for change of mind.  However, you may return an item that has already been exchanged for a refund by calling Customer Care;


(d)   exchanges are subject to the Item(s) being available on the Site or in the store you visit to make the exchange.


You must return the Item(s):


(a)   in its/their original condition and not used, with all of the Christian Dior Couture Item labels attached and all the related accessories or instruction booklets included;


(b)   in its/their complete original packaging; and


(d)   with proof of purchase.


Items that are returned incomplete, damaged, without the label, altered, soiled, or in any other condition that would reasonably suggest that they have been used or worn, will not be refunded or exchanged and will be returned to you (if applicable).  For shoes in particular, we recommend that you try your Dior shoes on a clean floor which will not damage or mark the soles, such as a carpeted surface.


You remain responsible for any returned Items until they are received by Christian Dior Couture.


If you return an Item more than thirty (30) calendar days after delivery or in store collection, Christian Dior Couture may, at our discretion, refuse to grant a refund and return the Item to you.


Gift recipients do not have a right to return Items under this clause. Only the person who placed the order may exercise that right.


11.2 Policy on voluntary returns through the Site


You may return Items within thirty (30) days of purchase by either:


(a)          notifying Christian Dior Couture through your account on the Site that you wish to return an Item or Items, in which case Christian Dior Couture will send you an email acknowledging receipt of your cancellation; or


(b)          calling Customer Care to exercise your right to return an Item or Items, and agree on a date, and place for courier to pick up the Item(s).


The price billed for the Item(s) returned via the Site will be refunded to the means of payment you used to pay for the order, within a reasonable time and no later than fourteen (14) days following Christian Dior Couture's receipt of the Item(s).


11.3 Policy on voluntary returns to a Christian Dior Couture store


You may also return Items to any Christian Dior Couture store in Singapore (except Singapore Changi Airport). Our boutiques will mail the returns back to the warehouse on your behalf for further processing. Refunds cannot be directly processed in stores.


11.4 Exchanges through the Site


If you change your mind and want to exchange an Item through the Site, you must indicate in the relevant section of the Site which Item(s) you wish to receive in exchange for your order. You may return Items in accordance with Term 11.1 above (timeframe and exchange terms).


You can only exchange with Items with the same price.


11.5 Exchanges in Christian Dior Couture stores


If you change your mind and want to exchange one or more Items in a Christian Dior Couture store, the Christian Dior Couture store that makes the exchange must offer the same category of Items for sale as the one you are asking to exchange. For example, men’s shoes can be exchanged only in a Christian Dior Couture store that sells men’s shoes. To put a selection of Items on hold, you must contact Customer Care.


If you exchange an Item for an Item sold at a lower price in store, you will receive a credit note for the price difference. The credit note will be valid for one (1) year from the date of issue and may be used only in stores in the Christian Dior Couture network in Singapore.


If you exchange an Item for an Item sold at a higher price in store, you must pay the difference in accordance with the applicable General Terms of Sale.


12. Your rights in the case of defective Items


We are under a legal duty to supply Items that are in conformity with these General Terms of Sale.


If your Item is not as described, damaged, or faulty, you may be entitled to a refund, repair or replacement in accordance with your legal rights. If you have any questions or complaints about your Item, please speak to one of our sales associates in store, or telephone our Client Service Team at +65 1 800 415 9990 , from Monday to Sunday from 10am to 10pm, or email us at


If you wish to exercise your right to refund, repair or replacement, please return the Items in store, post the Items back to us, or allow us to collect the Items via our complimentary collection service, which can be arranged by contacting us.


13. After-Sales Service


In some cases, Christian Dior Couture provides our Customers with extended commercial warranties or warranties in addition to the standard legal warranties which the Customers are legally entitled to (including legal warranties implied under statute). In such cases, the details of the commercial warranty will be included when your Item(s) is/are delivered.


All technically repairable Items are eligible for after-sales service.


Christian Dior Couture does not make spare parts available for any guaranteed period. However, Christian Dior Couture will make our best efforts to accommodate any requests for one or more spare parts.


14. Description of Items


Information about all of the Items offered for distance selling is available in all Christian Dior Couture stores, on the Site, and through Customer Care.


The photos, graphics, and descriptions of the Items offered for distance selling are for illustrative purposes only. You may obtain additional information by contacting Customer Care or a Christian Dior Couture store.


While every effort is made to ensure that the color and pattern of the Items pictured on the Site accurately reflect the original Items, variations may occur, in particular due to technical limits on your computer’s ability to render colors. Your Item may vary slightly from those images.


15. Limitation of Liability


If Christian Dior Couture does not comply with these General Terms of Sale, we will be liable only for those of your losses or damages that are the foreseeable result of Christian Dior Couture's breach of contract or of the consequences of a lack of due care and reasonable skill. Christian Dior Couture will not be liable for unforeseeable losses or damages under any circumstances. Losses or damages are foreseeable if it is obvious that they will occur or if, at the time the contract is formed, you and Christian Dior Couture know that they may occur and, for example, you discussed them with Christian Dior Couture during the sale process.


Christian Dior Couture does not exclude or limit our liability to you where it would be unlawful to do so. This includes liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or the negligence of our employees, agents or subcontractors; for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; for breach of your legal rights in relation to the Items.


16. Miscellaneous


Even if Christian Dior Couture delays enforcing these General Terms of Sale, we can still enforce these later.


If any of the provisions of these General Terms of Sale is declared null and void in whole or in part, the other provisions of these General Terms of Sale and the other rights and obligations arising under them will remain unchanged and will continue to apply.


17. Disputes - Applicable Law


These General Terms of Sale are governed by law of Singapore. This choice of law has no effect on your right to protection under the applicable consumer protection laws of your country of residence.