Jasmin des Anges Fragrance

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The fragrance Jasmin des Anges is a stroll through the fields of jasmine in Grasse, where the scent of the flower fills the air. This fragrance is rooted in the south of France and echoes the name of the legendary Baie des Anges in Nice.

A concentrate of hedonism and spontaneity, a few drops of the fragrance are enough to prolong the pleasures of summer. A delicious Jasmine with Apricot aromas, Jasmin des Anges is a true Proustian madeleine.

A reinterpretation of jasmine, the fragrance Jasmin des Anges reveals a sweet and syrupy Jasmine, far from its animal-like facets.

The pure, celestial white of the delicate jasmine petals is cloaked in a delectable orangey yellow similar to an apricot liqueur.

Fruity floral. Stripped of its animal quality, the Jasmine in the fragrance is surprising. Here, the flowers drenched in sunlight all summer long take on creamy, honeyed Apricot notes that give the fragrance a fruity fullness.

Intensely floral, Jasmin des Anges is a delicious interpretation of Jasmine blossoms as harvest season comes to a close.
Its fragrance trail lingers in the air like the late summer.