Miss Dior Rose Bath Bombs - Millefiori Couture Edition Scented bath bombs - 10 effervescent bath bombs

Solid 10 x 15 g$72.00

Miss Dior has created a bath bomb in the shape of a macaron that dissolves upon contact with water, a charming, effervescent bath bomb infused with rose oil and imbued with the natural Miss Dior chic.

Your bath fizzes, enhancing this pampering, relaxing moment with a playful touch, elevated by the floral scent of Miss Dior.

An alternative to bath salts, the Miss Dior rose bath bombs are true scented treats for the bath, carefully arranged in a case decorated with the Dior couture millefiori motif.

Each set of Miss Dior Rose Bath Bombs contains 10 bath bombs, 0.52 oz each.