Privacy statement

Last Updated: February 2024

Confidentiality and security of your personal data are important to us. We would like to offer you personalized services while respecting your privacy and choices.

This Privacy Statement (“Statement”) is provided by The Maison Christian Dior Couture and The Maison Parfums Christian Dior (together, “Christian Dior,” “Dior,” “Maisons,” “we” or “us”), a luxury retail and wholesale brand with its global headquarters in Paris, France and its United States headquarters in New York, New York.

The purpose of this Statement is to inform you in a transparent and simple manner about the processing of the personal data that you provide or that we collect through the different touchpoints you use to interact with us (e.g. in store, client services,, social media, digital apps, events), about possible transfers to third parties, as well as your rights and options to control your personal data and protect your privacy.

WHO are we?

The Maison Christian Dior Couture

Christian Dior Couture SA (head office), a public limited company under French law with its head office located at 30 avenue Montaigne, 75008 Paris, France, and all of the Christian Dior Couture affiliates with whom you share your information.

Christian Dior Couture is a story of dreams and elegance, passion and excellence; it is also a story of know-how. The creations of Christian Dior Couture express the passion for beautiful gestures and exceptional objects. From haute couture to ready-to-wear, including leather goods, watchmaking and jewelry, know-how is transformed into the art of making.

The Maison Parfums Christian Dior

Parfums Christian Dior SA  (head office), a public limited company under French law whose head office is located at 33, avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris, France, and all of the affiliates of Parfums Christian Dior with whom you share your information.

Parfums Christian Dior is a story of dreams, glamor, creativity and excellence. The Maison, which has unique expertise, is made up of talented and ambitious professionals who are committed to perpetuating the Dior heritage and transmitting their passion for beauty.

Note: Please note that the Maison Parfums Christian Dior and the Maison Christian Dior Couture are independent entities, and each Maison has its own customer database, though this Statement describes the data collected and processed by both entities.

  • Who we are?
  • What data may we collect or receive about you?
  • How do we collect or receive your data?
  • For what purposes are your data used by Dior?
  • For how long may we keep it?
  • Who may access your data?
  • How do we protect it and keep it confidential?
  • How do we address cross-border protections?
  • How are consumer preferences and individual rights addressed?
  • What additional protections are provided for residents of certain regions?
  • Notice of Financial Incentive
  • How does Dior protect children's privacy?
  • Contact Us

WHAT data do we collect about you?

"Personal data" means any information that could reasonably identify you either directly (e.g. your name) or indirectly (e.g. through a unique client ID number).

The personal data we collect depends upon the touchpoint of our interaction and is also limited to that which is relevant and appropriate for the interaction.  Unless you choose to interact with us via other touchpoints, such as (but not limited to) by making a purchase on our site, signing up for one of our programs (for example: My Exclusive Loyalty Program by Parfums Christian Dior) or services, using our apps, communicating with us via email, phone or submitting online forms, or posting a comment or a like online, our data collection is limited to the use of ‘cookies’ for website visitors.

For customers and other individuals who sign up for programs or services or otherwise interact with us beyond browsing our site via the touchpoints described above, for example, we collect certain relevant information from you.  The information we collect is related to the particular transaction as well as our overall relationship with you.  For example, if you make purchases from or in our stores, we must collect information to process (and, if relevant, fulfill and ship) your order. For customers and other individuals who sign up for our programs or services, we generally collect your contact details, contact preferences, and information that will allow us to make recommendations to you about our products or services that may be of interest.  We may centralize the information pertaining to our customers so that we have it organized in one place, as this helps us manage our relationship with you as well as your choices and preferences. Or, if you subscribe to our personalised newsletter, we collect your email address.

Depending on your interactions with us, personal data we receive may include information related to:

  • Your identity and your contact details (e.g., name, address, email address, date of birth)
  • Your interests and your preferences (as you may provide in creating your Dior profile);
  • Your purchases (in store or online, including your orders, their tracking information, your purchase invoices, the amount and type of your purchase) and any returns or exchanges;
  • Your in store or online digital experiences (in store, there is a short term collection of photos or images in relation to virtual beauty technology; however, our online digital and try-on experiences are operated by third-party vendors, and no information can be retrieved by Dior or any of its partners after your session closes), as per our contracts with these vendors;
  • Your use of our online assets, including when you visit and interact with them, what pages you accessed, and your interaction with our features. We also receive information to help detect and prevent consumer fraud, including but not limited to browser and keyboard language settings, whether data is automatically filled or manually entered, whether data is manually entered or copy and pasted, and proxy detection (, social media pages, partner websites (e.g. for events) and databases (e.g. for data storage and maintenance));
  • Your Dior account log-in information;
  • Your financial information to process your orders (such as bank details);
  • Your requests through our client services or our public relations department;
  • Your publications and mentions of our products on social networks;
  • The Dior events you attend; or
  • Any self-reported undesirable side-effects concerning any of our products (for Parfums Christian Dior products).

We invite you to keep us regularly informed in writing of any change in your contact details.

We Collect and Use Limited Sensitive Information.

As described above, we collect personal data that is described under some laws as sensitive personal data, special categories of personal data, sensitive personal information, or similar terms (collectively referred to here as “Sensitive Personal Data”). Here, we provide more information about which categories of the personal data described above may be designated as Sensitive Personal Data, and how we use these categories of Sensitive Personal Data. We only use Sensitive Personal Data to provide you goods and services, and do not use such information to infer characteristics about you. Depending on what you choose to provide and how we interact with you, we may collect:

  • Account log-ins to provide Dior products and services. Account login information is used to identify an active user on any site that requires login. Login information includes first and last name and corresponding email for such account, as well as the associated account password.
  • Financial information to process your orders. We collect and use credit or debit card information and required security or access codes in order to process payments and fulfill any order you make.
  • Passport-related information to process your orders. We may collect passport or other government-issued ID information in connection with an order, including when you are purchasing a product in a country other than that in which you live, in order for you to make purchases free of value added tax (VAT).
  • Self-reported data regarding undesirable side-effects of Parfums Christian Dior products to fulfill legal cosmetovigilance obligations. If you have a medical reaction to a Parfums Christian Dior product and choose to complete a questionnaire about those side effects and/or provide us with photos or other self-reported data, our client services and quality control team will evaluate the information and determine whether to provide it to a health regulator to fulfill legal cosmetovigilance obligations.

Note for Quebec Residents: We do not collect sensitive data (as defined in the privacy laws) without your consent. Your consent will be collected if and when you sign up for services requiring such information. Note for California Residents: see “Your California Privacy Rights”, Limit the use and disclosure of sensitive personal data.

HOW do we collect or receive your data?

We may collect or receive data via the following touchpoints:

  • Use of;
  • In-store, including in communication with our salesperson who may assist you in creating an account via the Christian Dior Couture system either on your cell phone or on the in-store tool;
  • Dior events you attend;
  • Public Relations relationship and communication;
  • Contact with the Client Services, including when you call, text, message us via the Christian Dior Couture live chat. We may also offer you the opportunity to instant message us through apps (e.g., WhatsApp) to communicate with a sales associate. Please be aware that in this case you are sharing your public profile information with us. The personal data shared depends on your platform settings. Please note that these platforms have their own privacy policies;
  • Forms you complete (in store or online);
  • During your purchase journey, you will be able to choose between i) logging into your existing Dior account, ii) creating a new account, or iii) paying as a Guest;
  • Digital apps you use;
  • Digital experiences such as virtual beauty technology in store (if you choose to use that technology where offered via a retailer), or our third-party vendors may receive data via virtual try-on online;
  • Loyalty or rewards program you benefit from;
  • Dior social media pages you visit or interact with, or other social media pages on which you post Dior content or comments;
  • Digital media advertising you click on;
  • Search engines’ paid advertising you click on;
  • Retailers (such as Department Stores) in which you have purchased a Dior product and in which you consented (e.g. via an iPad) to have your details shared with one of the Dior Maisons to receive its communications;
  • Video surveillance: we use video surveillance in our stores in order to detect and address security and safety incidents, shoplifting, other potentially illegal activities, and adequate staffing considerations. If you enter our store, your images may be collected for these purposes;
  • Other third-parties: fraud detection and prevention service providers or from public sources to meet legal and regulatory requirements, government entities, operating systems and platforms;
  • We may also use cookies, web beacons, flash cookies, and other tracking technologies when you visit or navigate our website, such as pages and videos viewed; or
  • Surveys or satisfaction questionnaires you answer.

We may combine the personal data that we collect from you in store with personal data we collect through our website or from the devices you use to access our website or from third parties.

FOR WHAT PURPOSES are your data used by Dior?

Depending on the context in which your data is collected, we use your data for:

  • the provision of Dior products and services, including the management of your orders, the management of personalized content, communications and interactions with Dior (digital or otherwise), and providing customer support;
  • the facilitation of showing you what your selected product would look like on you (in relation to using our virtual beauty and try-on technology, though when online, all processing for providing the feature is done by our third-party vendors’ proprietary technology);
  • the management of your account and profile (for example, in order to simplify your navigation through our different country-specific websites, if you navigate to another country your customer account will automatically be duplicated in that market. This means that it will not be necessary to create a new customer account);
  • contacting you by calling you, sending you emails, SMS or other communications, as permitted by law;
  • the management of your loyalty or rewards program;
  • the management of your requests linked with Dior;
  • the management of events which you register for or attend;
  • the management of alerts you send us as part of our cosmetovigilance obligations (for Parfums Christian Dior products);
  • the management of our website and our digital apps;
  • the management and improvement of our products and services, image and reputation;
  • the management of payments (online transaction security, fraud prevention, legal and compliance related purposes, payment incidents and debt collection);
  • promoting our Maison on social networks;
  • marketing purposes. For example, we may use your data to contact you about new products and special offers we think you’ll find valuable based on your interests, or to subscribe you to a generic newsletter at your request (you have the right to opt-out if you no longer wish to receive it). We and our partners may engage in interest-based advertising using your data gathered across multiple websites, devices, or other platforms; audio recordings and images: we may also collect audio recordings, photos of your product for repair, and other information when you contact us;
  • security and legal purposes to protect our company, our customers, our associates, and our platform. For instance, we and/or our service providers use your data to prevent and protect against consumer fraud and violations of the Terms of Purchase;
  • other internal purposes, such as to meet insurance and processing requirements, for administrative and audit purposes, and in some cases, we may seek your permission if we are legally required to do so; and
  • analysis purposes:
    • > analyse the performance of our Maison on social networks in order to produce statistical analyses (studies of results by country, influence of the Maison and analysis of the campaigns implemented).
    • > analyse your preferences and habits, anticipate your needs from your consumer profile and your publications/mentions on social networks.
    • > personalised customer experience: we may provide you with personalised communications by means of email, postal mail, SMS or calls based on the communication preferences you have indicated and your consumer profile (where permitted) (if you have an account, please connect to either your Parfums Christian Dior account or your Christian Dior Couture account to modify your channel preferences.

Otherwise, you can contact our customer service (see "Contact Us" section below)). With your free, specific, informed and unambiguous consent (where required), we use your personal data to send you personalised communications based on your interests (newsletters, offers, invitations and surveys).

In the latter two interactions (“analysing your preferences and habits” & “providing you with a personalised customer experience”), when we send personalised communications or content, we may use so-called profiling techniques. For the sake of transparency within this Statement, profiling is currently defined as any kind of automated processing of personal data which consists of using that personal data to evaluate certain personal aspects relating to a natural person, in particular to analyse or predict elements relating to the preferences, interests, behaviour or location of that natural person. In these circumstances, you have the right to opt-out, meaning the right to withdraw your consent by unsubscribing or see the “Contact Us” section below.

The legal basis for the processing of your data can be, depending in which context your data is collected:

  • Your consent (e.g. to manage our tailored services, managing your browsing via cookies);
  • The performance of a contract (e.g. managing your access to your customer account, processing and tracking your orders, your subscription to our loyalty program);
  • A legal obligation when processing is required by law (e.g. retention of purchase invoices, cosmetovigilance for Parfums Christian Dior products); or
  • Our legitimate interest: improve our products and services, prevent fraud, secure our tools or tailor our communications.

FOR HOW LONG may we keep it?

Please note that each Maison has its own retention periods that include the requirements regarding the products each Maison offers.

Unless otherwise stated, we only keep your personal data for as long as we need it to fulfill the purpose of collection, to meet your needs, or to comply with our legal or business obligations, and to fulfill the purposes described above in this Privacy Statement. By way of example:

For Maison Christian Dior Couture:

  • we keep your data for up to 10 years from the date of your last purchase.

For the Maison Parfums Christian Dior:

  • for customers (i.e.: those that have a customer account) or Client ‘Guests’ (i.e. those that do not have a customer account but have made a purchase as a “Guest”), we keep your data up to 5 years from the last interaction with us (i.e: last purchase)
  • for prospective customers (i.e. those that have not made a purchase and do not have a customer account, but are registered for our communications), we keep your data up to 3 years from the last interaction with us (i.e: participation in an event)

Where cookies are placed on your computer, we generally shall keep them for no more than 6 months.

When you choose to use our virtual beauty or try-on technology:

  • in store (where offered via a retailer) the photos or images connected with that use are stored for a maximum period of 7 days, and then irreversibly erased;
  • Online, the photos, images, and information processed to apply the selected beauty or try-on feature is never possessed by Dior (rather it is only possessed by our third-party vendor) and is not retained or stored.

When we no longer need to use your personal data, it is removed from our systems and records or anonymized so that you can no longer be identified from it.

We use the following criteria to determine how long to retain personal data:

  • Our relationship with you, and the products and services we provide to you;
  • Your requests to us regarding your information, or our products or services;
  • Any legal obligations to retain the data, or for our own legal purposes (such as enforcing our agreements or litigation);
  • Recommendations and legal requirements, including applicable international, national, federal and state statutes; and
  • Technical considerations and feasibility, and level of protections in place for your personal data.

WHO may access your data?

We ensure that only duly authorized persons can access your personal data when necessary for the above-mentioned purposes.

We communicate your information, including if possible in a form that does not allow a direct identification, to:

  • Other Dior entities and other entities of the LVMH group, acting as processors according to our instructions and solely on our behalf, to provide you with the same personalized service worldwide.
  • Our trusted third-party service providers, including third parties in charge of managing our communications and alerts, third parties who assist us in the organization of our events, third parties providing IT services, digital communication and public relations agencies, third parties who assist us with customer care and logistics services, third parties who assist us with providing our apps and other tools, and our third parties who assist us in the management of your orders. In particular, we entrust certain services to third parties in charge of delivering you a product, payment service providers and providers securing transactions against fraud.
  • Third-party partners, who provide, marketing, website performance, analytics, and similar services for Dior, including cookies or other trackers.
  • Department stores in which you buy our products who may assist in cases such as fraud cases or insurance coverage. 

Please note that these third-party partners may act as data controllers; in such cases, they have their own privacy policies. These third parties include:

  • Third parties in the event of a change of control, for legal reasons, or with your prior consent
  • Third parties wishing to know your main interests to constitute similar audiences and target prospects that match your profile. In the context of this specific data processing, Dior is not the Data Controller relating to prospecting and you will not be subject to prospecting, your data is only used to constitute profiles similar to yours

We illustrate some examples below:

  • - Facebook (Privacy policy accessible here)
  • - Google (Privacy policy here)
  • - Instagram (Privacy policy accessible here )

• Third parties conducting statistics on our performance on social networks on our behalf

• Third parties such as IAS (International Accreditation Service), which assists us, for example, in finding out the exposure rate of our created formats. For more information, their privacy policy is available here

Targeted advertising on third party platforms linked to your email address & ability to opt-out
If you have provided your email address to us, we may use your email address and other non-cookie personal information to deliver to you targeted advertising of Dior products on third party platforms like Facebook and Google. You may opt-out of the sharing of your personal information with these platforms that will process your personal information for the purpose of providing such advertising of Dior products. To opt-out, please see the “Contact Us” section below to send us an email requesting the opt-out of targeted advertising linked to your client email. Please note that this is a separate opt-out from the targeted advertising cookie settings also available on and described above.

Cookies & ability to opt-out
We may share with third parties through cookies and other trackers that we use for performance purposes, targeted advertisements, and social media purposes, as described above. Information disclosed to such third parties includes basic identification information, device information and other unique identifiers, internet activity, and commercial data. Dior uses cookies, including third-party cookies, and other trackers, for strictly necessary purposes that allow our website to function, for performance reasons that allow us to measure and improve the performance of our website, for functional reasons such as to provide you with enhanced functionality and personalization, for targeted advertisements such as to provide you with marketing aligned with your previous choices and behavior, and for social media purposes that allow you to share our content with your friends and networks.

You have the right to accept or reject all cookies except strictly necessary cookies. To opt-out of all or selected cookies with the on/off toggle, please visit the Do not sell or share my personal information / cookies in the footer of

You may also choose to separately disclose your personal data to certain partners, advertisers or affiliates by following a link to and from their websites. Please note that these websites have their own privacy policies which apply to the personal data that you may choose to entrust to them.

  We honor valid opt-out preference signals (Do Not Track).

The purpose of an opt-out preference signal is to provide consumers with a simple and easy-to-use method to notify businesses that they do not want their Personal Information shared with other third parties for advertising or other purposes unrelated to the purpose for which their Personal Information was collected. Through an opt-out preference signal, consumers can opt out of sharing their Personal Information with all businesses that they interact with online without having to make individualized requests to each business.

We process, via browsers, opt-out preference signals that meet the following requirements and are therefore considered valid: (1) the signal is in a format commonly used and recognized by us, such as HTTP header field and (2) the platform, technology, or mechanism that sends (at your request) the signarl must make clear that the signal is meant to have the effect of opting you out of sharing your Personal Information. Currently, we respond to the Global Privacy Control ("GPC") signal.”

HOW do we protect it and keep it confidential?

We have adopted reasonable and appropriate physical, technical and organizational security safeguards to protect your data from loss, misuse, alteration, destruction or access by unauthorized third parties. The Internet, wireless networks and information storage are not 100% secure. We cannot guarantee the security of your personal data stored or sent to us. We encourage you to take precautions to protect your personal data. For example, in creating your account on, entering a personal password complying with our security requirements is compulsory and part of this Privacy Statement.

The security safeguards that we have adopted are commensurate with the sensitivity of the particular data collected.  For example, credit, debit and other payment information is subject to stricter security measures.

Regarding your purchases, your bank details are encrypted through Dior servers. Payments are made via a secure payment platform which is PCI-DSS certified, supplemented by control measures, to ensure the security of purchases made and to fight against fraud.

We also require our partners and group companies to uphold a substantially similar level of protection for your data. The measures are evaluated and updated to address new threats and challenges, as well as new legal requirements in the countries where we operate.

To the maximum extent allowed by applicable law, you agree and acknowledge that Dior will not be liable or responsible for use or disclosure of your information that is the result of unauthorized or illegal access to our systems or those of our vendors, agents, contractors, affiliates, or partners. If you have reason to believe that the security of your communications or personal data has been compromised, please notify us immediately using the contact information below.

HOW do we address cross-border protections?

Because Dior operates in many countries across the world, some of your data may be collected, accessible or stored outside of your country of residence.  You should know that the data protection and security requirements differ from place to place and may not offer the same level of protection as those in your home country.  Nevertheless, Dior and our group companies have taken steps to ensure an adequate level of protection of your data irrespective of where it is located, such as by using data transfer methods approved by the European Commission (where the data protection laws are considered to be the strongest worldwide) or by establishing contracts that provide adequate protection in accordance with legislative requirements.  We also require our third-party partners to fulfill applicable data transfer obligations in relation to the personal data that they receive on our behalf.

In this context:

  • Christian Dior Couture and all of its affiliates have entered into a Personal Data Processing and Transfer Agreement
  • Parfums Christian Dior and all of its affiliates have entered into a Data Processing and Transfer Agreement
  • In specific cases and roles, Christian Dior Couture and Parfums Christian Dior have entered into a Data Processing and Transfer Agreement

How are consumer preferences and individual rights addressed?

In accordance with applicable laws and requirements, Dior and its group companies have put in place measures to fulfill the rights of individuals in relation to the personal data that we (or our third parties) hold about them.  This includes, for example, the right to know about the data we hold about you or to obtain a copy, and the limited rights to amend your data, request erasure, or object to the processing of your data.  We encourage individuals who have entrusted their data to us to keep it current (such as if you change your email address, address or phone number), so that we have your correct information on file.  We also encourage consumers to update their preferences with us, such as in relation to products and the frequency of communications, so that we can personalize our service to your expectations and needs.  Finally, we offer individuals the right to withdraw consent from our programs and offerings at any time.  To do so, or to exercise any of these other rights, please see “Contact Us” section below. For individuals seeking access to their data, we also require authentication to ensure that we are not providing personal data to an unauthorized person. See below for additional protections provided for those individuals in particular regions.

What additional rights are provided for residents of certain regions?

In particular, the GDPR provides the following rights (with some exceptions):  

  • Dior has adopted the data protection and security practices described in this Statement for all individuals within scope.  In addition, we also recognize and have addressed data protection and security measures that are required on a local or regional level.  This includes, for example, those required for residents of the European Union/European Economic Area under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679,those required for California residents under the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 sections 1798.100 et seq. (“CCPA”) and the California Privacy Rights Act of 2020 (“CPRA”) and those required for Quebec residents under the Act respecting the protection of personal information in the private sector (RLRQ, ch. P-39.1) (“Quebec Act”).
  • The right to be informed: you have the right to obtain clear, transparent and easily understandable information about how we use your personal data, and your rights. You will find all this information in this Statement;
  • The right of access: you have the right to access to the personal data Dior holds about you;
  • The right of rectification: you have the right to have your personal data rectified if it is incorrect or outdated and / or completed if it is incomplete;
  • The right to erasure / right to be forgotten: you have the right to have your personal data erased or deleted. Please note this is not an absolute right, as we may have legal or legitimate grounds for retaining your personal data;
  • The right to object to direct marketing: you can unsubscribe or opt out of our direct marketing communication at any time. You are able to do so by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link in any email or communication we send you. You are also able to request to receive non-personalized communications about our products and services;
  • The right to withdraw consent at any time for data processing based on consent: You can withdraw your consent to our processing of your data when such processing is based on consent; and
  • The right to data portability: you have the right to move, copy or transfer data from our database to another. This only applies to data that you have provided, where processing is based on a contract or your consent, and the processing is carried out by automated means.

You are also entitled to determine your personal data protection guidelines and directives in the event of death or extern circumstances.

You also have the right to contact the data protection authority of your country in order to lodge a complaint against the data protection and privacy practices of Dior.

We also wish to inform you about the contacts of other authorities in Europe that you can find and contact on the website of the European Data Protection Board:

We may require proof of your identity and full details of your request before we process it.

United States Consumer Privacy Rights.

While Dior applies the GDPR benchmark globally, there are specific privacy laws in the U.S., including California’s CCPA, as amended by the CPRA, and certain similar consumer privacy laws in other states. To this effect, Dior complies with rights of consumers regarding the personal data that we collect and hold about them.  Those rights vary by region, and by state within the U.S.

Your California Privacy Rights.

California residents have certain additional rights in relation to their personal data, subject to certain exceptions. For example, as a Client of Dior and a resident, you may have the right to:

  1. Transparency. Businesses that collect personal data subject to the California CCPA and CPRA or the laws of certain other States, have a responsibility to provide you with notice regarding the categories of personal data to be collected (see “WHAT data may we collect or receive about you?” above), the purposes for which the categories of personal data are collected or used (see “FOR WHAT PURPOSES are your data used by Dior?” above), whether that information is sold or shared (see “WHO may access your data?” above), and the length of time we intend to retain each category of personal data, or if that is not possible, the criteria used to determine that period (see “FOR HOW LONG may we keep it?” above), among other information.
  2. Access the categories and specific pieces of personal data we have collected about you, the categories of sources from which the personal data is collected, the business purpose for collecting the personal data, and the categories of third parties with whom Dior shares personal data.
  3. Limit the use and disclosure of sensitive personal data. Although this is a right in California, because Dior only uses sensitive personal data as reasonably necessary to provide products and services, and for internal business or legal obligations, we do not, and are not required to, offer this right.
  4. Correct inaccurate or obsolete personal data that the Company may maintain.
  5. Delete the personal data under certain circumstances.
  6. Opt-out of the sale of sharing of personal data. Dior may “sell” or “share” the personal data of California residents in the context of transferring information to third parties (as described in the “WHO may access your data?” section above, in the following two contexts:

    (a) sharing information using cookies and other trackers by third parties for use in analytics and targeted advertising. California residents can contact us by using one of the contact methods below, or you may accept or reject all cookies except strictly necessary cookies by visiting Do not sell or share my personal information / cookies on and using the on/off toggle. Rejecting all cookies will opt you out of any selling or sharing of personal information;

    (b) sharing your email address with third party platforms to service you advertising of Dior products on those platforms. California residents can opt-out of receiving this targeted advertising by contacting us using the information in the “Contact Us” section below.

Using these opt-out options will opt you out of all “sales” and “sharing” as defined by CPRA for cross-context behavioral or targeted advertising and of “profiling” cookies as defined in Quebec.

Request process. Dior does not discriminate against our users on the basis of their exercising any of their rights afforded by the CCPA and CPRA, which is further in accordance with California residents’ rights under the law. Please see our section regarding financial incentives for Parfums Christian Dior in the section below (“Notice of Financial Incentive”).

To request access to your personal data, or correct or delete your personal data, see the “Contact Us” section below.

We will first acknowledge receipt of your request within 10 business days after receipt of your request. We will provide a substantive response to your request within 45 calendar days after its receipt. If we require more time (up to 90 days or the permitted timeframe), we will inform you of the reason and extension period in writing. Only you or an authorized agent (as described below) may make a verifiable consumer request related to your personal data.

  • How to Authorize an Agent. You may designate an authorized agent to submit your verified consumer request on your behalf, only if the authorized agent has your written permission to do so and you have taken steps to verify your identity directly with us.
  • How We Verify Your Request. To respond to your request we must verify your identity or the authority of your authorized agent. We will only use the personal data provided in that context to verify your identity or the authority of your authorized agent to make the request. Making a verifiable consumer request does not require you to create an account with us. To allow us to verify your request, we will we will ask that you please provide us with information about the products you may have purchased on our website or in our Boutiques, or events in which you may have participated, or exchanges you may have had with our Client Service Center by email, or text exchanges you may have had with one of our Sale Associates in a Boutique, or if none of the prior sources applies, we may send you an email verification to the email address that we have on file, and request that you confirm your name and date of birth, or another piece of information that we have on file. If we do not have your email address on file, or you do not receive our email verification, we may verify your information using a government-issued card with a name that corresponds to information we have on file.

California’s Shine the Light Law

California Civil Code Section 1798.83, also known as "Shine The Light" law, permits California residents to annually request information regarding the disclosure of your personal data (if any) to third parties for the third parties’ direct marketing purposes in the preceding calendar year. We do not share personal data with third parties for the third parties’ direct marketing purposes.

Notice of Financial Incentive

This Notice of Financial Incentive includes an explanation of our programs that may be considered financial incentives under applicable law, such as the CPRA. For example, Parfums Christian Dior offers members-only benefits and rewards (“Incentives”) to customers who share personal information with us (e.g. name, email address, billing address, birthday and other identifiers) by setting up an account and signing up for the My Exclusive Loyalty Program (collectively “Programs”). By joining the Programs, you get access to exclusive Incentives depending on your membership status which includes in particular: welcome, birthday, holiday, and other gifts; consultations; early access to Dior events; and a Luxury Miniature. The material aspects of these Programs will be explained to you when you sign up.

We offer these Programs and Incentives to better serve you and to provide products and services that meet your needs. The value of your personal information varies depending on a number of factors including the resources required to collect and maintain such information. Incentives are not directly tied to, or exclusively based upon, a set value of any individual element of your personal information, but are reasonably based in good faith on the following considerations:

  • Online and email marketing, and exclusive Incentives, provide a tailored and exclusive experience for existing and potential customers to interact with us and explore our products;
  • Online and email marketing is an integral part of Parfums Christian Dior’s ability to attract and maintain existing and potential customers and allows us to provide you with information you want;
  • Incentives, the value and provision of which are impacted by performance targets, geographic location, seasonality, costs to provide, and market trends.

Your participation in these Programs is voluntary. You may withdraw at any time by contacting us at Parfums Christian Dior, see “Contact Us” section below.

Canada Consumer Privacy Rights.

While Dior applies the GDPR benchmark globally, there are specific privacy laws in Canada, including the Quebec Act, and certain similar consumer privacy laws at the federal and provincial levels. To this effect, Dior complies with rights of consumers regarding the personal data that we collect and hold about them.  Those rights vary by province.

Your Quebec Privacy Rights.

  1. Transparency. Upon request, Dior shall inform the individual of:
    • The personal information collected from the individual;
    • The categories of individuals who have access to the information within the organization;
    • How long the information will be retained;
    • The contact information for the Privacy Officer.
  2. Access. With certain exceptions, individuals have the right to be informed of their personal information held by a company and, if necessary, to request that it be corrected. To access your personal information, you must send a written request to Dior’s Privacy Officer (See “CONTACT US”) or to the store that holds your personal information.
  3. Correction and Erasure. When you are informed of the existence in a file or record of inaccurate, incomplete or equivocal information about you, or if its collection, communication or retention is not authorized by law, you may make a request for its correction or erasure.
  4. Deindexation. Individuals can ask organizations to stop posting their personal information or to de-index any hyperlinks to their name that provide access to information if such posting causes harm to the individual or contravenes a law or court order (right to erasure or to be forgotten).
  5. Portability. The right to portability allows an individual to obtain access to computerized personal information that he or she has provided to an organization, for example, when creating an account online, in a structured and commonly used technological format. An individual may request access to his or her personal information for his or her own use, including for the purpose of retaining the information in a private storage space or disclosing it to a third party of his or her choice. At the request of the individual, the information may also be disclosed to any person or organization authorized by law to collect it.
  6. Assistance. Dior has delegated the internal management and oversight of its privacy program to its Privacy Officer. It is the Privacy Officer who approves and implements privacy policies and procedures, ensures their proper functioning and reports to Dior’s senior management on the effectiveness of the program.

The Privacy Officer is also responsible for providing you with the necessary support in the event of a privacy-related question, complaint or request. For more information, please consult the "Contact us" section.

How does Dior protect children's privacy?

Dior has adopted practices that are designed to ensure that we do not intentionally or knowingly collect or maintain any information from children under the age of 16, though we do not monitor the age of users of our services. If we learn that we mistakenly collected any information from anyone under the age of 16, we will purge it immediately, except for responding to a question or inquiry on a one-time basis from his/her parent or legal guardian. If you are under the age of 16, you should not submit personal data on this website or any other website without the consent of your parent or guardian. If a parent or guardian of a child under 16 believes that the child has provided us with personal data, the parent or guardian of that child should contact us, see “Contact Us” section below. Parents and legal guardians who seek to exercise the Quebec Act or the CCPA / CPRA rights of their children will also be subject to authentication so as to prevent the release of any information pertaining to a minor to an unauthorized individual.

We do not knowingly sell or share the information of children of any age.

Updates to this Statement

Dior reserves the right to change this Statement at any time at its sole discretion and will post the date it was last updated at the top of this Statement. Such changes shall be effective immediately upon posting them to Dior’s website, or otherwise providing them to you. We will provide additional notice to you if we make any changes that materially affect your privacy rights.


If you have any general questions or concerns about how we process and use your personal data or would like to exercise any of your privacy rights, you may contact us at the Maison below that processes your personal information. Please note that you should direct any inquiries you may have about your data directly to the Maison that may hold your personal information. Each Maison manages its own database and cannot provide information about the data that may be held by the other Maison.

The Maison Christian Dior Couture

  • For residents of the United States and Canada,
  • If you need to access to the Statement in an alternative format due to a disability, please contact us as provided above.
  • For residents from other countries: please see the contact details in the Privacy Statement of your country of residence.
  • To opt-out of the sharing of your email address for the purpose of delivering targeted advertising of Dior products on third party platforms, please contact us to request the opt-out:

The Maison Parfums Christian Dior

  • For residents of the United States
  • If you need to access the Statement in an alternative format due to a disability, please contact us as provided above.
  • For residents from other countries: please see the contact details in the Privacy Statement of your country of residence.
  • To opt-out of the sharing of your email address for the purpose of delivering targeted advertising of Dior products on third party platforms, please contact us to request the opt-out:
    • Toll-free number: Customer Service 1-877-794-3066 from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 9pm
    • By email: