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Rouge Dior Minaudière - Limited Edition Clutch and lipstick holder - lipstick collection

For the holiday season, Dior has created an accessory that reflects all the refinement and elegance of the House of Dior: the Rouge Dior minaudière clutch. This timeless piece, a testament to the savoir-faire of the Dior ateliers, is dressed in black – a color dear to Christian Dior that he considered an eternal symbol of elegance and femininity.

Practical to take out with its chain strap, the Rouge Dior minaudière clutch features a clutch case and a removable lipstick holder: together, they can be worn over the shoulder. Used on its own, the clutch case adorned with the CD initials can be carried as a clutch. You can also detach the lipstick holder and wear it around your neck to create a modern and sophisticated look.

The case and the lipstick holder are home to a Rouge Dior lipstick with an engraved bullet and 3 refills in 4 shades with couture finishes that combine long wear, sensory appeal and floral lip care.


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