Drawing on 50 years of innovations in Floral Science and research into the skin's biological mechanisms, Dior enhances its outstanding expertise in high-tech skincare with Dior Micro-Abrasion.


Micro-Abrasion is the iconic Dior Spa technique for a new-skin effect. This unique method of cell regeneration combines exfoliation and lymphatic drainage using an exclusive high-tech tool. Gentler than a peel and deeper than exfoliation, the Dior Micro-Abrasion gives skin renewed radiance.



The Micro-Abrasion can be adapted to all skin types, even the most sensitive, thanks to its adjustable oscillating movement. In keeping with the personalized nature of Dior treatments, the therapist performs a skin diagnosis to determine the appropriate level of abrasion.

The protocol begins with gentle makeup removal to prepare the skin for Micro-Abrasion, first on bare skin and then on a thin layer of Professional Solutions Cataplasme Dermo-Réparateur to strengthen the skin barrier.

The cell regeneration process is activated, facial skin is firmer and wrinkles are visibly diminished.

This is followed by a lymph-draining massage for deep relaxation and intense nutrition. Skin is reoxygenated, and the face is smoothed and redefined.

Photostimulation completes the treatment to restore and calm the skin. Monochromatic blue light therapy combined with microcurrent technology enhances vitality and optimizes the treatment's effects. Radiance is instant and long-lasting, and features are smoothed.




The skin is incredibly soft, visibly more youthful and more radiant (+67%)* from the very 1st session.

Micro-Abrasion is recommended as a one-month treatment with 3 sessions. Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished (-14%),** and dilated pores, pimples, scars and dark spots are reduced. The complexion is luminous (+34%)** and visibly more even.

* Self-rating, 30 women, 5 minutes after treatment.

** Dermatologist's rating, 30 women, after 3 sessions spaced one week apart and twice-daily application of a Dior routine.