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Sauvage Elixir x Baccarat - Special Edition

Fragrance Elixir - Spicy, Fresh and Woody Notes - Crystal Bottle in a Solid Oak Case
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Inspired by wide-open spaces, Sauvage Elixir is an extraordinarily* concentrated fragrance steeped in the emblematic freshness of Sauvage with an intoxicating heart of spices, a "tailor-made" lavender essence and a blend of rich woods forming the signature of its powerful, lavish and captivating trail.

For the first limited-edition Sauvage fragrance elixir, the House of Dior has partnered with the French crystal manufacturer Baccarat. Each bottle is born of fire, water and the expert hands of its artisan glassmakers.

A work of fine craftsmanship, this extraordinary 17 oz Sauvage bottle brilliantly showcases Baccarat's savoir-faire: clear, untinted crystal, with its legendary shine and pure lines, that allows the color of the fragrance to show through.

Meticulously traced with a brush, the Sauvage name is written in palladium, a metal more precious than gold for an exquisite decor that plays with finesse and understated opulence.

This extaordinary object is nestled in a dark solid oak case, creating an absolutely stunning contrast of materials, between the clear brilliance of crystal and the density of wood. Experience the epitome of luxury with Sauvage x Baccarat.

olfactory notes

Notes of spices

Some spices, like the essences of cinnamon and nutmeg, play with heat and sensuality, while others are more refreshing, like the zesty and aromatic cardamom.

Essence of lavender from Nyons PDO

A blend of several carefully selected harvests, this note of essence from Nyons PDO reveals unique* facets and releases notes that are as close as possible to the wild flower. Fresh but not camphorous, graced with a vanilla-tinged coumarin note, it is rich, fine and floral.

* At Dior.

Note of rich woods

An ambery accord, the powerful Sauvage signature, reveals its full range of velvety and sensual nuances. Enveloping, it blankets the base heightened with a syrupy licorice note. A note of Haitian vetiver and a patchouli accord form the link between these rich woods.

Know how

The exceptional encounter between a fragrance-phenomenon and the unique savoir-faire of a legendary glassworks, Sauvage and Baccarat have joined forces to create a first exceptional edition that is nothing short of spectacular, featuring a stunning contrast of materials in celebration of raw nobleness, strength and elegance.

A dozen incredibly talented craftsman are required to complete the creative process of the exceptional Sauvage Elixir bottle and the signature beauty of Baccarat. A mentor and three glassmakers carry out the initial steps with extreme care, followed by all those who cut, polish and decorate these rare objects.
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Sauvage unfurls a scent of a rare intensity, like a fine liqueur with exceptional ingredients that pushes all the limits of men's cologne. Inspired by wide-open spaces, this pioneer continues to reach for the summits, now intertwining its destiny with that of Baccarat crystal in a reinterpreted bottle of extraordinary luminosity. Born of fire, water, earth and air united by the outstanding savoir-faire of the Baccarat craftsmen, each one of the 200 numbered bottles is unique and enshrined in a dark solid oak case: a stunning contrast of materials, between the clarity of crystal and the density of wood.


At least a dozen highly talented craftsmen are required to undertake the creative journey that culminates in the exceptional Sauvage Elixir cologne bottle. With impressive skill, step by step, these magicians perform a perfectly synchronized choreography. Fire, earth, water and air: crystal is born from the alliance of the 4 elements of nature.


For the very first time, Sauvage Elixir is housed in a translucent cologne bottle that lets the color of the fragrance show through. Meticulously drawn with a brush by the Baccarat gilders, the letters of the Sauvage name are written in the precious metal palladium.


Palladium also appears as a subtle echo in a thread around the Sauvage Elixir cologne bottle cap, conveying stunning decorative skill that combines finesse, opulence and understated elegance.


A heady heart of spice, a "custom-composed" lavender essence and a blend of sweet, smooth woods combine for a precious and long-lasting cologne for men.

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