Combining bold, contemporary style with technical detailing, Kim Jones' sunglasses are essential pieces that pay tribute to Dior's heritage.

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Embodying the elegant, contemporary masculinity inherent to Kim Jones' clothing and accessory collections, the Creative Director's assortment of men's designer sunglasses offers the modern man a platform for self-expression. These unique creations enhance casual, urban or more sophisticated looks and there is a pair to complement every face shape. Always aligned with the latest trends, these are eyewear styles that ooze creativity while staying true to the classic typology of sunglasses. Kim Jones' men's designer sunglasses collections offer an eclectic choice of shapes and styles. Round or pilot sunglasses offer classic and retro looks, while there are men's square sunglasses that highlight facial features with modern charm. For sporty styles there are mask sunglasses, showcasing modern design with high degrees of technicality. Such levels of attention to detail are inherent among all the House's collections, but it is more evident than ever in the assortments of Dior sunglasses. Men can elect for styles in thin or oversized frames and choose models with plain, shaded, or mirror-effect lenses. Lens choice extends to pay homage to classic House motifs, such as the iconic Dior Oblique, a favorite pattern since Mark Bohan's famous 1967 fashion show. The offering of men's designer sunglasses includes different color variations. Black, brown tortoiseshell effect, gold and silver provide a classic, timeless look while transparent or bold colors models ooze an originality more fitting for the summer months. Some frames are available in metal and others in acetate, each and every one highlighting the exceptional savoir-faire of the Dior ateliers. Presented in elegant protective cases, these designer shades for men can be further customized with functional eyewear cords attached with lobster clasps. For optimal vision, certain models are compatible with corrective lenses and others have lenses resistant to steaming up. These eyewear styles proudly bear 'Dior' and 'CD' signatures to honor Mr. Dior himself. They are not simply fashion accessories, they are protective glasses that effectively safeguard the eyes from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB. Category 1 filters are particularly suitable for the low light levels usually found during winter while Category 2 filters are more general and correspond to average luminosity. For the mountains, city or beach in the summer, Category 3 filters are ideal and protect against the highest light levels. To complete a Dior look, all of these luxury sunglasses can be paired with the House's other lines of clothing and accessories.