Monsieur Dior has always been fascinated by gardens, where flora as well as fauna display the most vibrant colours. His interest in birds is well-known as a lot of his creations have been named after birds, such as “Oiseau Bleu” or “Hirondelle”. In this collection, each piece is an ode to Nature taking the appearance of a dazzling tropical bird-of-paradise. 

Its radiant feathering is made of marquise-cut precious stones, scarab beetle elytra and ornamental stones. Each marquise-cut stone is carefully set to recreate the delicate layering of feathers as the bird spreads its wings to reveal its colours.

    This precious setting emphasizes the movement of the plumage, and also pays tribute to the vintage Dior jewellery that adorned each one of Monsieur Dior’s looks. 

    The sparkling shades of the gemstones are arranged in harmonious shaded colours, transposing the vivid movements of these exotic creatures in full flight. The plissé on the dial is as magnificent as the oscillating-weight, while the shimmering extravaganza of the scarab beetle’s elytra magnifies the colour harmony of each piece.

      This tribute to Nature is adorned with a precious case, entirely set with diamonds and embellished by a transparent case-back, tinted in celestial shades.