The house of Dior unveils Dior Talks, a series of podcasts in the form of conversations, inviting artists, collaborators and friends of the House to express themselves freely by discussing the subjects that compel them, their output and the challenges of tomorrow, from the role of art to the key stages of feminism. A new way to get a fresh perspective, to immerse oneself in something different, to inquire and inspire, discover and dream.



Season after season, the Lady Dior writes its history, at the intersection of modernity and excellence, and becomes, more than ever, an object of art and desire(s), revisited by artists from around the world. Dior Lady Art gives painters, sculptors and designers carte blanche to transform this emblem according to their artistic vision, using exceptional savoir faire and virtuoso craftsmanship. The Lady Dior is then transformed into a unique work of art, merging heritage and creative visions.

Common Thread

    The Dior Common Thread podcast series represents a fascinating new avenue for exploring the collaborations initiated by Kim Jones since his arrival at Dior. 

    Feminist art

    Dior invites you to meet Judy Chicago, Tomaso Binga and Mickalene Thomas – all of whom collaborated with Maria Grazia Chiuri on various shows – Paola Ugolini, an exhibition curator and friend of the Creative Director, as well as the fascinating artists Vicki Noble, Penny Slinger, Marinella Senatore and Tracey Emin. 


    Building on the committed enlightenment of series like “Feminist Art” and “The Female Gaze,” “Feminism” gives a voice to the women artists, athletes, and actresses who have inspired Maria Grazia Chiuri with their courage, passion and talent, and their embodiment of the bold empowerment Dior admires. 


    Dior invites you to meet the women who inspired and nurtured the founding couturier’s creative passion. Among them, Madeleine Dior, his mother, with whom he shared an unfailing fascination for gardens and roses; Catherine Dior, his sister, an immensely courageous heroine whose nickname, Miss Dior, celebrates a perfume that became a legendary symbol of love

    Dior Lady Art #5

    Audio odyssey in the Dior Talks universe, this podcast showcases the guest artists who reinterpreted the iconic Lady Dior as unique artwork for the fifth edition of the Dior Lady Art project. Artists from various horizons, from China to Madagascar, India to South Africa, and Russia to the United States, include Joël Andrianomearisoa, Judy Chicago, Gisela Colón, 

    The Female Gaze

    Exploring the power and acuity of the female gaze, this series of podcasts, titled The Female Gaze – a term developed in response to the writings of feminist film theorist Laura Mulvey – gives voice to Maria Grazia Chiuri as well as to House photographers, friends and collaborators: Brigitte Niedermair, Maripol or Janette Beckman. 

    Dior Joaillerie

    Victoire de Castellane arrived at Dior in 1999 to create the first High Jewelry collection in the history of the House. Her jewelry is narrative, abstract, colorful and feminine. It takes us into a playful and fantastic world where stories are told in precious stones. 

    Dior Tales

    An enchanting audio interlude for children, the Dior Tales podcast series is filled with fabulous tales told in French and English by Cordelia de Castellane.