Cruise 2024 Show

Online on May 20th at 8.30 pm Mexico City time (10.30 pm EST)

A constellation of places that spark emotions – this is what Mexico is to Maria Grazia Chiuri. A “place of the soul,” just as it was for surrealist artists, from Leonora Carrington to Remedios Varo, and for Tina Modotti who, through her photographs, captured the landscapes and people of Mexico.



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Reflecting sources of inspiration for the collection, and as a tribute to the ties forged with Mexico since the House’s beginnings, the Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso served as a privileged setting for the Dior cruise 2024 show. A symbolic space, the very locus of creation and love, where Frida Kahlo studied and where she met Diego Rivera... A magical moment, transcending time, alive with the power of art and exceptional craftsmanship.



As a tribute to the iconic figure of Frida Kahlo, the silhouettes of the Dior cruise 2024 collection exalt the interweaving of a masculine-feminine spirit and traditional Mexican attire. Thus, heritage and audacity are combined in an allure transcending genres and celebrating exceptional artisanship. Butterflies, forming a guiding thread, punctuate the looks through couture embroidery, prints and accessories – from jewelry to shoes. Full skirts unfold in corollas and are worn with huipils or gabans; a passionate ode to the pluralistic virtuosity of ancestral Mexican techniques.


Connected by a belief in the preservation of traditional techniques and the safeguarding of cultural practices embodied by textiles, Maria Grazia Chiuri has gathered around her different generations of artisans from different regions of Mexico. Thus, the transmission of gestures, patterns and values pertaining to textile and dress form a common vision of the future, with thriving artisanal legacies.


Remigio Mestas


Mazatec Community of La Chuparrosa, Jalapa de Diaz, Oaxaca

Chinantec Community of Valle Nacional, Oaxaca

Zapotec Community of Isthmus of Tehuantepec, San Blas Atempa, Oaxaca